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The Life Of A Network & Computer Specialist

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Lee JohnstonConnie WongGen 300February 2, 2004The Life of a Network & Computer SpecialistInformation Technology is an exhilarating profession that requires commitment and hard work. A specialist may sit at a desk or out in the field correcting problems. The problems could consist of fixing programs, technical briefs, and an assortment of other assignments. In the beginning, a specialist starts below an analyst. In several years a specialist will become an analyst. If one would like to enter the field of Information Technology, one needs to meet the requirements, take advantage of opportunities available, and face the demands of the job.A career in computer science has proven to be a ...view middle of the document...

The competition between mufacturer caused this to happen. For instance, when two or more large hardware companies battle for the majority of the market, processing power soars and the prices fall. It seems to always equal out to a better deal for us consumers with more power and less money. That means that both the basic and high end machines become more affordable and the computers will populate more households. The computer technology and all its benefits are introduced to more people everyday making a career in computers an evermore-popular choice for those interestedDuring 1986 to 2000 almost 40,000 bachelor's degrees in computer/information sciences were awarded in the United States. Women during this time went from 15,126 in 1986 downward; then started to rebound in 2000 to the total 10,474. The men in 1986 had 27,069 degrees; then in the year 2000 it was 26,914.Employers mostly accept students with a minimum of two to four years of knowledge in the field of study and some require more than that. Computer & Network Specialist and Analyst conduct research and design computer desktops. Some analyst and specialist work part-time at local colleges. Many computer specialist and analyst are college graduates, but many others have taken special courses or received certifications in information technology and are knowledgeable in areas such as hardware, software, and engineering. There are levels of education along with quality of training that employers want in their employees. Employers want this because of the influx of qualified graduates who have received their degree in Computer Science. The other reason is the difficulty in the hardware and software in computers. There are many adequate occupations in this category. The careers are engineering, mathematics, and information sciences. The computer industry is maturing as the undergraduate degree in computer science is becoming the standard certification for many jobs, particularly those with the technical systems importance and as more graduates are entering the market with those Computer Science degrees. With so many of us going into this field we can expect an increase in compition throughout the world. Some jobs in the market may require a graduate degree in the feature to combat this problem. This is because today's computers have a wide range of applications in many diverse fields. A lot of students are joining their major with the study of computers.Computer & Network specialists could take years to move up in the companies they work for. In the beginning the specialist may work as a technician. During the first several years the specialist will work under the System Administrator. Then maybe perhaps they could become a supervisor themselves. There are plenty of opportunities awaiting people in the computer science area. I myself would like to look for a young and growing company as the best opportunity for me to advance rapidly. I would like to work in a fast paced and with...

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