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The Life Of A Pediatrician Essay

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Choosing a career is more of a personal decision. Most pediatricians say they love and want to help children and young adults, including their families. Being a Pediatrician is a wonderful way to help children in ways most people can not. Many people say this job is very difficult to handle because it can get stressful. They say there is not much room for personal time or family time, but in the end it can be quite rewarding.
Some say this job is easy, but they don’t live the life of a pediatrician. They say all they do is examine and determine problems that may exist within children. Really, pediatricians do a lot more, such as communicate with parents or social workers if they believe there is a problem within the family or order test if necessary. (Field, Shelly) They also recommend treatment, types of medication, surgery, and rehabilitation. (Career Cruising) Lots of pediatricians get involved with their patients by helping them through tough times, such as puberty or family problems. They help by assisting them when they need to communicate with a social worker, family member, or any other health care worker. (Career Cruising) Pediatricians mainly encounter diseases and other problems such as allergies, asthma, drug abuse, lead poisoning, and acne because doctors usually catch these things in the younger stages of life. (Career Cruising)
There are many work places for a pediatrician to work, such as a hospital, a private practice office, a health maintenance organization, community health centers, public health clinics, military and government, and even schools. (Donna D’Alessandro) The level of education someone would need must have is a four year college or university. Pediatricians must get their doctor of medicine (MD) degree and a license to practice in their state. They also need to have a residency in pediatrics. (Career Cruising) Many tests must be taken to become a certified pediatrician. Three national tests are required to be taken by the state to receive the correct license to practice in the state someone would wish to work. Those tests are called the United States Medical Licensing Examinations. It is required to pass the American Board of Pediatrics Certifying Examinations at most hospitals, but not all. After someone finishes all of their training, they become board certified and it is known as passing the boards. If someone were to fail, they would need to retake all of the tests over again every seven years until they pass. (Donna D’Alessandro)
To be a pediatrician, it is necessary to have many abilities, such as a flexible life style. On average, a pediatrician works about 50 hours a week, but it mainly depends on the type of work place. (Donna D’Alessandro) Oral comprehension would be a very important ability to have because listening and understanding a patents ideas and emotions can be very helpful. Oral expression is another ability that would be convenient when communicating professionally to a patient so that they...

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