The Life Of A Tarantula Essay

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Tarantulas are found in dry, well drained soil all over the world. They are the biggest of spiders. They have eight legs, are often hairy, and have two big fangs. There are over 800 species of tarantulas known to man. Some are dull brown, while others can be brightly colored. The sizes range from as small as a fingernail, to as big as a dinner plate.The tarantula also sometimes called the bird spider and monkey spider is a well known arachnid. They belong to the kingdom animalia, the phyla arthropoda, the subphyla chelicerata, and the order araneae They are known for their venomous bite, or so people think. Actually the tarantula's bite is rarely harmful to humans, but paralyzes or kills its prey once injected.. The tarantula may be cannibalistic, and feed on a variety of things. These things include other tarantulas, small birds, crickets, frogs, snakes, beetles, lizards, and even bats.Most spiders are known for there intricate webs they build, or the way they jump to catch their prey. The tarantula is, on the other hand, a nocturnal predator and doesn't do these things. They use their strength and stealth to trap their prey. They sneak up on their prey quietly, and then pounce on it like a cat and bite them to inject their deadly venom. Once the prey has been captured they use their fangs to carry it to their dens. When the tarantula is ready to eat its meal it inserts digestive juices into it. Then the juices break down the tissues so that the tarantula may slurp it.The growth process of a tarantula is similar to other spiders. This is because like most other the tarantula must shed their exoskeleton periodically. This process is known as molting. As a young tarantula they may perform the process of molting several times a year, whereas a full grown tarantula will only molt to replace lost limbs or lost urticating hairs.Most species of tarantulas require about 2 to 5 years to mature into adults, but yet some species may take up to 10 years to reach maturity. For males though after reaching adulthood they only have a short amount of time remaining in their lives. That time would be about a year and a half when they go in search of a female to mate with. They leave their hiding places and begin searching for a mate in late summer and early autumn. This is when the tarantula faces most of the danger. They cross roads and trails and take the chance of dying to accomplish the only meaning of its life. The female tarantula however keeps molting throughout its life and is capable of regenerating its lost body parts. For this reason the female tarantula is capable of living around 30 to even 40 years. On the average a female will live 20-30 years and males will live 10-12 years depending on the...

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