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The Life Of A Welder Essay

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Have you ever wondered how was those big ships was made? How was the cars we drive in our todays lives mad, or how the pipeline was started? The career that is being wrote about today is welding. Welding is when you join together metal pieces by heating using a blow torch, electric arc, or other means, and uniting them by pressing and hammering. What’s interesting about welding is how structures are built when you are welding. Welding uses a lot of art and designs that amazes you. The topic I’m discussing today is welding.
Welding has been relevant in the United States since 1919. Harvard professor Comfort A. Adams founded the (AWS) American Welding Society in 1919. Welding began in the ...view middle of the document...

Future welders must stay on task and pay attention to the instructors to be successful. Maintaining a 3.0 or higher will help achieve this goal. Once entering your choice of school you should major in manufacturing, commercial, construction, mining, agriculture, wholesale trade and repair and maintenance. You must pass all qualifying test in order to gain your certification. Southwest Mississippi Community College is a local school that offers welding classes. After working smaller jobs as a welder you can continue to work on becoming more advanced and become a welder inspector or brazing technician. A welder inspector is a professional that inspects metal construction materials to identify weaknesses. The inspector can do the jobs hiring and firing as well. A brazing technician is a welder who specializes in the type of welding that is used in building constructions. There are four skills needed in order to become a good welder. Welders must be exceptional problem solvers, who are able to pay attention to details. They have to be able to spot flaws in material and designs. A welder must be advanced in math and science, welders must estimate cost, make calculation, and determine what metal to use with a particular fuel or chemical. Endurance is not really a skill but you must have mental and physical endurance to be efficient. You must be interpersonal, welder must interact with clients.
Welders perform many duties on a job. On a daily basis welder have numerous of task, when a task has been assigned welders must complete the work based on a drawing of specifications of what is required. Welders work forty hours a week and overtime is common. A welder can work up to seventy hours in a week. Welder can work outside, inside and sometimes in confined areas. They are sometimes required to work high off the ground and also in awkward positions. The welder must report to the welder inspector, the inspector keeps a look out and gives direction to welders. The average welder makes $31,000 annually. The highest paid welder can make well over $200, 000 annually. The lowest a welder can make is $19,000 per...

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