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The Life Of Amy Winehouse Essay

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The Life of Amy Winehouse
Even though Amy was a drug addict and alcohol abuser, She still managed to release platinum-selling albums. Originating from the little known town of Southgate in north London, her inspiring music helped rise the popularity for female musicians in the industry.
Amy was born in Enfield, London, in England September 14, 1983. She was raised into a culturally jewish family, but they didn’t consider themselves religious. Amy’s mother was Janis Winehouse, she was a pharmacist. Her father was Mitchell Winehouse. He was a part-time taxi driver. Amy also had an older sibling, Alex. He helped his mother around the house with Amy, at the young age of only four. Growing up in Southgate was rough for Amy and Alex. Amy’s uncles who were professional jazz musicians, she wanted to follow in their footsteps.
When Amy turned nine years old, her father left the family. This drove Amy to pursue in music, but also hurt her mentally. She attempted suicide att 10. She began to cut her wrists to relieve herself from her troubles. She then took the advice of her grandmother to go to theatre school for a start in her career. Amy begin to train at Susi Earnshaw Theatre school. While attending, she started to write and record music with a neighborhood friend, Juliette Ashby. They created a short-lived music group called “Sweet & Sour”. Music was a way to keep her from thinking about her father, but Amy couldn’t handle the pressure. She began to smoke marijuana and started to get tattoos and care little about what she did anymore. Amy attended Susi for four years, then decided to seek full-time training at Sylvia Young Theatre school. Months later she got to appear in an episode of “The Fast Show” a 1997 tv series. Her disrespectful attitude got her expelled weeks later. She got nose piercings and more tattoos causing the staff to dislike her and kick her out. She then felt good with the knowledge she obtained and decided to go elsewhere. She went back to school enrolling at BRIT Performing Arts and Technology in Selhurst, Croydon, Southgate. Here, Amy continued to record solo demos. Her voice began to be heard through the town and instantly caught a buzz. She received occasional jobs performing at clubs and also started to do open mics at local bars. Often going to bars it caused her to start drinking alcohol and lose control of herself.
Performing at local bars, Amy ran into a close friend, Tyler James. He was a soul singer in the music industry. She passed him her demo, which was sent to an A&R person. A&R (Artists and Repertoire), which is a person who is responsible for collecting cash for sales of artists. The demo led her to sign a deal with Island/Universal Records under Simon Fuller’s company, 19 Management. Feeling unstoppable, Amy hit the studio and started writing and recording her first album Frank. The jazz-tinged album became a hit and earned several award nominations and went platinum in the U.K.
The album was based on the...

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