The Life Of Author, Ernest Hemingway

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The Life of Author, Ernest Hemingway

Earnest Miller Hemingway was borin in Oak Park Illinois. After
graduating from high school, he got a job at a paper called "Kansas City
Star". Hemingway continually tried to enter the military, but his defective
eye, hindered this task. Hemingway had managed to get a job driving an
American Red Cross ambulance. During this expedition, he was injured and
hospitalized. Hemingway had an affinity for a particular nurse at that
hospital, her name was Agnes von Kurowsky. Hemingway continually proposed
to her, and she continually denied. When Hemingway healed his injuries, he
moved back to Michigan, and had wanted to write again. Hemingway married
Hadley Richardson and was working in France, as a foreign corespondent, for
the "Toronto Star". In 1925, he wrote a book called "In Our Time", which
was marketed in New York. The next year he published a book called "The Sun
Also Rises", a novel where he had his first success. The book deals with a
group of desultory people in exile from France and Spain-members of the
"lost generation", a phrase made famous by Hemingway himself.

In post-war years, Hemingway spent most of his time writing books. But,
when his first marriage failed, and produced a son, John, he had married
Pauline Pfeiffer, who had his next 2 children. Based in Paris, he had
travelled for skiing, bullfighting, fishing, or hunting that by then had
become what most of his work was all about. Hemingway, started writing
short stories, among them was "Men Without Women" in 1927, and "A Farewell
to Arms" in 1929. This story ("A Farewell to Arms"), shows a lovestory
within a war time setting. Many people believe that Hemingway, did his
writing at this period of his life. He once confessed "If I had not been
hunting and fishing, I would have probably been writing." (Hemingway 283
(3)). Hemingway's stories were based on adventure, and...

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