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THE LIFE OF BABE RUTHBabe Ruth, born George Ruth, Jr., is considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time. Everybody knows how great a hitter Babe was and how he virtually invented the home run. Not everybody knows how great of a pitcher Babe was, even though he was one of the best left-handed pitchers of all time. Babe had a 92 and 44 record, 67.6%, and a 2.24 career earned- run average in 163 games pitched. Not many career .342 hitters that averaged a home run every 11.8 at bats can say that.George Ruth, Jr. was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on February 6, 1895, son of George Herman Ruth, Sr. and Kate Ruth. George took the name of Herman at his confirmation since it was his father's middle name and the name of his friend at St.Mary's Industrial School, Brother Herman. Ruth says he had a "rotten start" in life; he spent his childhood days on the streets and piers of Baltimore. He led a rather lawless life, his parents were medium-poor and he was mainly on his own.All this changed when Ruth entered St.Mary's Industrial School at the age of eight. Ruth, even though he didn't realize it, had come in to a good thing. Brother Matthais took young Ruth under his wing and taught him to read, write, play baseball, do needle work, and right from wrong. Ruth showed a startling natural talent with a baseball bat, so Brother Matthais tried to round young George into a complete baseball player by teaching him to pitch and field. Ruth says that, "Brother Matthais was the greatest man I ever knew." Ruth was taught to make shirts and became quite good at it, he boasted that he could sew a shirt in less than 15 minutes.Ruth never had to use this skill because he was discharged from St.Mary's School on February 27, 1914 to join the Baltimore Orioles baseball team of the American League. Ruth was paid a salary of $600 to play in the International League, one step below the major league, on an Orioles affiliate team. The team went to Fayettville for spring training and Ruth showed raw talent and didn't need much formal training but needed lots of controlled practice. Coach Sam Steinman warned the veterans to go easy with the rookie Ruth, he said, "He's one of Jack Dunn's babes." Journalist Roger Pippen asked Steinman to explain, Steinman said out of all the players in camp Ruth was the biggest and most promising babe of the lot. The players heard this and the name stuck. Babe Ruth. At first George thought the name, Babe, was a joke, but after a while it became like a proper name, and everybody called him Babe.After an impressive showing in the International League, Babe and the rest of the Oriole team were put up for sale. The Boston Red Sox bought Babe and he saw his first major league action on July 11,1914, as he took the mound against the Cleveland Naps. Babe ended up winning the game 4-3 after pitching seven innings and letting up only three runs on five hits. The Red Sox sent Ruth to the International League to play on the Providence team, to...

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1782 words - 7 pages the premiere of the film The Babe Ruth Story about his life. William Bendix portrayed The Great Bambino, Babe Ruth. Shortly thereafter, Ruth returned to the hospital for the final time. The cancer had eaten away at his body and he was barely able to talk. Ruth's condition gradually became worse, and in his last days, scores of reporters and photographers remained around the hospital. Only a few visitors were allowed to see him, one of whom was

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1033 words - 4 pages salary soon surpassing that of then President Grover Cleveland. In a Characteristic Ruth remark, Babe Responded 'Why not I had a better year than him!' When asked by a reporter if he should be making more money than the president.Babe's way of life was Characteristic of the time period, The Free willing 20's. Babe frequented speakeasies (a place to get illegal alcohol during the prohibition. He was often at odds with his teams manager, owner, and

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1133 words - 5 pages Babe Ruth Baseball player. Born George Herman Ruth, Jr., on February 6, 1895, in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the first of eight children born to Kate and George Herman Ruth, Sr. Most of the Ruth children died in infancy and only George Jr. and his sister Mamie survived to maturity. Little George, as he was called, grew up in a poor waterfront neighborhood in Baltimore, where he lived above the family saloon. In 1902, the Ruth’s sent

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The title of this essay is Babe ruth's Life. It is brief biography of many of his higlights. which includes hitting a record 60 homeruns in 1927.

869 words - 3 pages Mathias that Babe Ruth came to love children. This explains why all his life he went out of his way to help and encourage kids in need.Babe Ruth amazed everyone at the school with his awesome baseball skills. He was a joy to watch. He played all positions, including pitcher. He showed great potential at a young age. Babe was basically known for hitting towering home runs and throwing very hard. His talent was noticed by the Baltimore Orioles, a

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2440 words - 10 pages number as well. Many believed that this would be the last of the Babe, but Ruth proved them wrong. Ruth was too flashy of a guy to disappear into the wings; he still wanted to be under the spotlight enjoying his public life of leisure. In 1936, elections were to be held for the first baseball figures to be put into the Hall of Fame and Ruth received 215 votes to Ty Cobb's 222, who were both inducted. The dedication party was held that year and the

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792 words - 3 pages This essay is about the history and the life of one of the best baseball players: Babe Ruth. The Essay tells about his early life as a child growing up to when he was discovered and went into the baseball league. It then finsihes with his death and how he will be remembered.Babe Ruth, he has become the perfect legend. Millions revere him, and for thousands of young boys, like the ones from the movie "The Sandlot," he goes above and beyond any

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1102 words - 4 pages endured, was the constant putdown by May, her own mother. "I didn't mention May's habit of yelling at me. She wasn't actually yelling at me all the time; she only needed someone to blame for how rotten her life was going, I did do stupid things more often than not." (60). Ruth thought that because May always told her she was stupid, and inferior to Matt, that she really was! Another person that hurt Ruth was her teacher, Mrs. Ida Homer. She also

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1156 words - 5 pages Going down swingingEtched in stone, are the words of Cardinal Spellman: "May the divine spirit that animated Babe Ruth to win the crucial game of life, inspire the youth of America." They are placed on the tomb of the great Babe Ruth. To understand their significance, one should consider Babe Ruth's younger days, baseball career, charitableness and death.George Herman Ruth, Jr. was born to Kate and George Ruth on February 6, 1895. Ruth

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1529 words - 6 pages younger, his parents were never around so he didn’t have any strict authority in his life. His parents would leave him and his sister unsupervised, causing him to get into trouble; skipping school and causing neighborhood problems (“Babe Ruth”). While Babe was at St. Mary’s he met Brother Matthais, a monk and father figure to Babe. One day in 1911 while Babe was playing, Jack Dunn, the owner of the Baltimore Orioles was watching him play. After

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