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The Life Of Beatrix Potter Essay

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“’My dear Noel- I don’t know how to write to you, so I shall tell you a story about four little rabbits whose names were Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. They lived with their mother in a sandbank…’” (Collins 35). Beatrix Potter was inspired by Noel’s joy at her story. Children’s joy is what inspired Beatrix to publish her stories for children all around. Just like many other authors, Beatrix went through rough times when she thought she could not make it. It was particularly hard for Beatrix, because she was a female, her parents did not support her, and she had many personal things happen during her career.
Helen Beatrix Potter was born to Rupert and Helen Potter on July 28, 1866 in Kensington, London. She would always go by Beatrix because her mother’s first name was also Helen. She was very fascinated with nature and drawing from the time she was born. Both of her parents were artistic. Her first governess, Miss Hammond, once said, “I think you were born with a pencil in one hand and a sketch pad in the other!” (Collins 12). Beatrix was a very happy child, considering that she had very few playmates.
Beatrix’s bedroom was located on the third floor of her family’s home in London. Beatrix had very few playmates and even her parents rarely came up to see her. Her only friends were the house servants, the animals that the butler would bring her to care for, and her younger brother, Bertram. She found comfort in drawing pictures and writing stories about her animal friends. Each time her family visited their house in the Lake District, she always brought home several more animals to care for. Whenever Bertram returned to school, Beatrix became the one to care for the animals he had brought home. Beatrix had two prize mice that she always kept. Their names were Hunca Munca and Appley Dappely. She also had a rabbit named Benjamin Bunny, a hedgehog named Tiggy, and multiple bats that shared her bedroom with her.
Beatrix was taught by Miss Hammond in her schoolroom on the third floor of her family’s home. Miss Hammond had been schooling Beatrix since Beatrix was five and finished when she was sixteen. Mr. Potter decided to allow Beatrix to begin art lessons, after Beatrix said she would like to. Miss Cameron began giving Beatrix art lessons within a week of Beatrix’s request. At the age of sixteen Beatrix would be receiving a new governess to teach her, French and German. Her new governess’s name was Miss Annie Carter. Miss Carter was only twenty when she began teaching Beatrix. Annie and Beatrix quickly became friends in the two years they were together. Annie inspired Beatrix to be more independent and to try new things.
Beatrix gained more inspiration from Annie in the letters they wrote and from her trips to Annie’s home. When Bertram finished school and began working as an artist, he encouraged Beatrix to send some of her drawings to publishers. She finally agreed and was rejected several times before receiving a check in the mail and a...

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