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The Life Of Benedict Cumberbatch Essay

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Have you ever seen the BBC series “Sherlock”? What about “Tinker Tailor Soldier”, or “Hawking”? One man appearing in all of those programs has become very well known over the course of the past few years. Even today, he acts in many series and movies. His name is Benedict Cumberbatch, and his tale is an interesting and humbling one.
Benedict Cumberbatch was born on July 19 in 1976. Benedict was never a very well-behaved child. His parents had sent him to Harrow, one of the most prestigious and expensive boarding schools in Britain, Brambletye School, Manchester Unversity, and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic art. While at Harrow, he misbehaved so much that his headmistress reported to his parents with the words “Ben is slightly more controlled but must try to be less noisy” (McCaffrey).Cumberbatch got into fights and even pushed a girl off a stage he was performing on because she was being too self-indulgent. His parents were both working actors and always tried to do everything they could for him, including working hard to give him the opportunity to choose what he wanted to be when he grew up. Originally, Benedict Cumberbatch was not on the path to becoming a star. He was on the path to becoming a lawyer- with acting as an alternative. He explained his thoughts in a NPR interview: “I just encountered loads of other people on the same course who said it's so much down to chance and luck. And I thought, 'Well, why am I giving up on my primary dream to work doubly hard to do something as an alternative to what I really still want to do?’ ” (Cumberbatch). Benedict’s acting career took a turn in the right direction “when he played the role of Antonio Salieri in a university production of Peter Shaffer's Amadeus” (Cumberbatch). His father had given him his best wishes, and Cumberbatch was motivated by his parents to pursue a professional acting career.
When Cumberbatch first tried to become a star, he used his father’s surname- Carlton. However, he was not getting too far so he changed agents, and, because of his new agent’s suggestion, he changed his name to Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch had a breakthrough when he acted as “Stephen Hawking in the television movie Hawking (2004)” (Kad). Cumberbatch also starred as Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC television show series “Sherlock”. While filming a show called “To the Ends of the Earth” for BBC in 2005, Cumberbatch almost met his death when the tire of his car blew. He and some other actors in the car were ambushed by South Africans as they tried to change the tire in the darkness of the night. They were stripped of their...

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