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The Life Of Christopher Paolini Essay

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In 1984 Christopher James Paolini was born on the 17th of November in Los Angeles to Talita Hodgkinson and Kenneth Paolini. Though born in California he was initially raised in the beautiful Paridise Valley in Montana with his parents and sister, Angela. This was what inspired his first novel Eragon. Christopher and his sister were enrolled into the American School online after years of homeschooling with there mother, a trained Montessori teacher. This method of schooling was the best choosen because it gave, as JWR would say, Paolini a wide latitude with the extra time to began exploring his own interests, the works of writting literature. Aoround the age of 10 ...view middle of the document...

In 2001 the first books arrived from the press and the Paolini family began promoting it, going to libraries, bookstores, and schools in 2002 and early 2003. Soon after finishing up on Eragon Christopher Paolini decided to persue a higher education and applied to the Reed College in portland, Oregon, he was excepted soon after with an offer of an almost full scholarship. Paolini was leaning towards going but he just couldnt give up on his first book “Eragon.” Paolini's decision to decline college and to continue on with his book “ Eragon” led him to create the rest of the Inheritance cycle( Eldest, Brisinger, Inheritence).@ His novels tell the adventures of a boy named Eragon who cealed his fate as a dragon rider, living in a place where riders power was their downfal. Throughout the story Eragon stuggles to find out who he is and to overthrow the evil king Galbotorix, who is also a dragon rider, who seeks only more power.
There were many influences that impacted the stories changing its land features, characters, and even the language. When Christopher Paolini began the Eragon book his major subject of inspiration was the world of fantasy. He belive that reality couldn't exsist without fantasy. Living in Paradise Valley, a land surrounded with snow capped mountains and green valleys and field was what his mind pictured...

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