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“Cleopatra’s begin in 332 BC, hundreds of years before her birth” (Wright 1). A very powerful leader, Alexander the Great of Macedon, marched an enormous army of Greeks east to Egypt. Alexander the Great freed the Egyptian people from the Parathions, people who owned them. Alexander built a city in the Nile, which he named after himself, Alexander. When he died, a Greek general named Ptolemy became king of Egypt. The Ptolemy’s served under Alexander the Great. Alexander the Greats’ kingdom was eclipsed by the power of Rome. Alexander the Great ruled Egypt for nearly three centuries. Ptolemy XII (Reign 80-85 BC) was under a great deal of pressure from the Romans and struggled to hold onto ...view middle of the document...

Cleopatra charmed Mark Anthony as she did to Caesar.
After a great battle, two leaders – Mark Anthony and Octavian – agreed to rule together, Octavian stayed in Rome and Anthony’s task was to conquer Parthia. Pretty soon Mark Anthony ran out of resources in the East, By then Cleopatra was one of the wealthiest person in the whole world, to protect herself and her country, Cleopatra offered her army and her navy to Anthony in exchange for alliance with Rome. Anthony also gave Cleopatra some of the lands they have conquered from Egypt. Anthony and Octavian frayed, slid into a civil war (former allies.) A civil war broke out between forces led by Anthony and Octavian against those who organized Caesars assassination. Octavian was putting much of the blame, rightly or wrongly, on Cleopatra. Rome was more powerful than Egypt. Anthony and Octavian, the two eventually went to war. Octavian declared war on Mark Anthony.
At the Temple of Belong they preformed all the rights for declaring war, with Octavian acting as a priest. Caesar was in war with Rome when he was alive. Egypt had war, Battle of Actium. Anthony held a numerical advantage on land; the war was decided on the sea and ultimately had been an engagement fought near Actium in 31...

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