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Life is ever so vastly changing as there are so many choices in which play as factors. Now society is heavily based of off order, and structure through laws, economy, and borders in which we dare not cross. Confucius stated this about life, “Life is very simple but we insist on making it so complicated.”  This quote in away almost predicted the future as life is very much more different then when Confucius stated this quote. We still abide by this quote even today as life becomes more objective based then anything else. We now worry about money, pointless status and social structure which in turn blinds us from the simplicity that is living. Confucius was a very enlighten and educated man ...view middle of the document...

We are human beings and just need to do the basics which is eating, and sleeping. Now life in the past was very simple looking back. There were very little factors back then compared to now that changed everything. Now we look at everything in our life and the complications (war, corruption, and borders) have created a more complex way of living. Other advances in technology has affected everything from food to economy. Now instead of worrying about food we have to worry about bills, money, and social life. People today should look at this quote and remember why were here and to remember that life can be lived.
This quote would mean to students that life should be at its core simple and to relax and just go by it without causing any further problems. This quote can help open your eyes and think differently on what to do. I chose this quote as it was very true and made me realize that we should take care in how we spend life. Should we live it confused or in a simple yet understandable way. Life has gotten more complicated but we still can...

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1608 words - 6 pages , his unwavering devotion to family and elders could possibly lead him into trouble. 191. Confucius said: “I’m not concerned about lack of success; I am concerned about the means I use to achieve success. I am not concerned about being unknown; I seek to be worthy of being known.” This passage appears on page 22 in the text in the section on descriptions of Confucius. Here Confucius is trying to convey the importance of a life dictated by

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854 words - 3 pages happiness in an unsettled world by living a simple life in harmony with nature. Confucius taught that the improvement of society was the responsibility of the rules, and that the quality of government depended on the ruler's moral character. Confucius based his teachings on the "Golden Rule." Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. When Mencius came along, he added new dimensions to Confucian thoughts

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1543 words - 7 pages Confucius changed the face of China significantly through his life and teachings. Basing his principles in Chinese tradition, his argument for the family unit as the model for idea government and development of what has become known as the Golden Rule are but a couple of the many reasons he has been revered as a deity in Taoism, but he is better known as the originator of the philosophical school known as Confucianism, a school of thought

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715 words - 3 pages the penalties for the crimes are very stiff, but fair. I feel that it is fair that "If he has broken the limb of a patrician, his limb shall be broken" It's like in the Bible "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." In Egypt, in the Book of the Dead, a man couldn't proceed into the after life unless he was found innocent of any wrong doing on Earth. In Confucius' writings, he never actually says the word "justice", but he does say "Great Man

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3140 words - 13 pages classics. He died in Lu, believing his life had been a failure. (Bishop p28)Confucius did not put into writing the principles of his philosophy; these were handed down by his disciples. The Analects, a work compiled by some of his disciples, is considered the most reliable source of information about his life and teachings. One of the historical works that he is said to have compiled, ‘the Spring and Autumn Annals’, is an account of Chinese

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568 words - 2 pages euhemerization. Close studies of traditional history reveal that many of the prominent figures from the period before the Zhou Dynasty (1122 B.C. to 256 B.C) were not actual human beings. This leads us to believe that other historical figures in traditional history may not have actually lived at one point in time. This concept can be better defined by focusing on a couple of anecdotes in which Confucius attempted to explain to his disciples.People


863 words - 3 pages are in harmony with “Dao” (“Asian-Amercan”, 2008). Sofor Confucius, the good life is an endless goal for ethical perfection.In one conventional Confucian view, ren has two aspects: loyalty and reciprocity. Analternative view is that ren is the perfect combination of a much longer list of virtues, includingloyalty, reciprocity, wisdom, courage, righteousness, filial piety, and faithfulness. Wisdom hasseveral aspects also


1735 words - 7 pages Confucius Confucius created a system of thinking called Confucianism. If only one word could be used to summarize the Chinese way of life for the last two thousand years, that word would be Confucian. No other person has had as great an effect on the life and thought of the Chinese people as Confucius. He is the most adored person in Chinese history. Confucius claimed no greatness, instead he looked to a past time that he saw as the golden


1131 words - 5 pages One of the most famous people in ancient China was a wise philosopher named Confucius (circa 551-479 BC). He sometimes went by the names Kong Zi though he was born - Kong Qiu - styled Zhong Ni. He was born in the village of Zou in the country of Lu.This chinese man was a well-known leader in philosophy and he also made many wise phrases and theories about the law, life, and the government. Philosophy is a kind of a system of ideas and thoughts


650 words - 3 pages ; reforms were introduced, justice was fairly dispensed, and crime was almost eliminated. Lu became so powerful that the ruler of a neighboring state secured Confucius's dismissal. Confucius left office in 496 bc, traveling and teaching, hoping some other prince would allow him to undertake measures of reform. In 484 bc, after a fruitless search for an ideal ruler, he returned to Lu and spent the remaining years of his life in retirement, writing

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