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The Life Of Elvis Essay

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Elvis Presley was an awkward child to say the least. “He was pasty-faced with a virulent case of
acne,” according to Red West. Even though he looked out of place in a crowd of pink scalps and crew
cuts, Elvis was nice. He wasn't hard to miss with a leather jacket or an outrageous outfit. Surprisingly,
Elvis wasn't popular, and most people payed no mind to him, except for the bullies. He was just another
nobody in a sea of people. You wouldn't think The King would get bullied would you? Well, like all
nobodies he did. Luckily though, Red West was there to save the day. Whenever the bullies would
threaten Elvis, Red would walk him out to where they were, and then distract them until Elvis went
home. Many people bullied Elvis because his hair wasn't like theirs. Once they even pulled a knife out
and threatened to cut off his hair!

Elvis wasn't one of those teens that would just go everywhere after school. He would go straight
home and that was it. He was extremely polite to his elders, which always put him as the odd man out.
He did fair in school and stayed away from trouble the best he could, but even though he never did
anything wrong, his hair would get him into trouble. Since his hair looked so different, he was always
to blame when things went wrong.

During Elvis's senior year of high school he decided to join the talent show. He went up onto the
stage and the only prop he had was his leg and a chair. He pulled out his guitar and started singing.
Everyone was surprised because he had the voice of a black man in a white mans body. When he was
done with his segment everyone was applauding and it was obvious he was the winner, due to the fact
that the winner was chosen by the amount of applauds. As he gazed out into the audience, he finally
felt accepted somewhere.

After Elvis graduated from high school he became a truck driver. He made about $50 a week
and almost all of the money he got, he gave to his mother. With their family income being over $200 a
month, they could now move to a better place known as Lamar Avenue, which was slightly
better than their apartment in Lauderdale Courts. When he had a little money to himself he would go
shopping at the Lansky Brothers, a small clothing shop near where he lived. Even when he didn't have
any money, he would look through the windows of that store like he was a child looking into a candy...

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