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The Life Of F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Fitzgerald’s chosen names signify his parents’ pride in his father’s ancestry. His father, Edward, was from Maryland, with a loyalty to the Old South and its morals. Fitzgerald’s mother, Mary McQuillan (also known as Mollie), was the daughter of an Irish immigrant who became wealthy as a wholesale grocer in St. Paul. Both his parents were Catholics.
The Fitzgerald family moved between St. Paul and New York depending on his father’s employment, till he was twelve. Scott’s first writings were school related, school newspaper articles and such, in one of the private schools he attended he met a Father who motivated him to follow his passionate works deeper. Later, once in collage Fitzgerald neglected his studies for his literary apprenticeship. He was very involved with the Princeton Triangle Club. He was put on educational probation and unlikely to graduate, Fitzgerald joined the army, convinced that he would die in the war. Although, while he was stationed near Montgomery, he met Zelda Sayre, daughter of Alabama Supreme Court judge, and fell deeply in love, as soon as he could and after the war, he headed for New York believing he would achieve immediate realizations and marry Zelda; but what he reached was an advertising career, only. The engagement was off as Zelda was not willing to live on the very small salary he could provide, this got Scott to become a drunk and retire to St. Paul to rewrite a novel he had begun at Princeton. This Side of Paradise was published, made Fitzgerald well known nearly overnight; a week later he married Zelda. They moved a lot and one of their stops was Long Island. They settled in St. Paul for some time for the birth of their only daughter, Frances called “Scottie” Fitzgerald. Scott was an alcoholic, but wrote sober, although, Zelda regularly got tense but she was not an alcoholic. There were common domestic disturbances, usually started by drinking. Shortly after, they move to France, he completed his most brilliant novel, The Great Gatsby.
The next period of their lives was confused and unhappy. He began to drink too much, and Zelda suddenly and worryingly, began to practice ballet night and day. So much that she had a mental breakdown and she never fully recovered causing her full with despair husband to nearly become an incurable alcoholic. However, becoming a scriptwriter in Hollywood, he met and fell in love with Sheilah Graham. For the rest of his life, he lived quietly with her. Nonetheless, he occasionally went to the east to visit Zelda in the Hospital or his daughter, who was entered in a boarding school after her family’s collapse. Through half the process of writing his last novel The Last Tycoon, also about the American life he died of a heart attack at Graham’s house, he was only 44 years old. Zelda perished years later in a hospital fire. All things considered, the dominant influences on F. Scott Fitzgerald were ambition,...

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