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The Life Of Frank Abagnale Essay

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Running Head: THE LIFE OF FRANK ABAGNALE 1[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]THE LIFE OF FRANK ABAGNALE 2The Life of Frank AbagnaleAbstractFrank Abagnale is one of the world's most infamous con men. From age 16-21, Abagnale was able to successfully impersonate a pilot, doctor and lawyer by creating fraudulent degrees and certificates. At age 21, he was wanted in several countries for falsifying checks and bank accounts. Today, he is working with the FBI and has also created his own consulting agency to solve cases of fraud and educate others on how to avoid falling victim to fraud.The Life of Frank AbagnaleFrank Abagnale is one of world's most notorious con artist. He was born on April 27, 1948, in Bronxville, New York (Frank Abagnale Jr., 2014). Frank's parents met during World War II, while his father was stationed in Algeria (Frank Abagnale Jr., 2014).Abagnale's first con was at age 15 and his first victim was his father. He used his father's credit card to buy tires and car parts; then, he returned his purchases requesting cash back. He was able to get $3,400 out of that scheme and was subsequently shipped off to private school by his father (Frank Abagnale Jr., 2014). At about 16, Abagnale decided to leave school and make his way in the world by means of forgery (Frank Abagnale Jr., 2014).His early tricks included giving plenty of bad checks from his own overdrawn account. As banks started to catch wind, Abagnale decided to open different fraudulent accounts with new identities and disappear before bank officials could catch him. Abagnale was even known to print his account number on blank deposit slips, so that anyone's deposit that happened to choose the unlucky slip would go into one his accounts instead (Bell, 2012).During his time a con man (from ages 16-21), he was able to impersonate a pilot, doctor and a lawyer. These tasks were all managed by forging graduation degrees, certificates, employee ID's and driver's licenses (Frank Abagnale Jr., 2014). During his time as a Pan American World Airways pilot, he was estimated to have flown about 1,000,000 miles on over 250 flights to 26 different countries (Bell, 2012). Of course, he never actually flew a plane. He only used his fake costume and employee credentials to seem like a pilot and fly as a passenger for free. He enjoyed the best hotels and dinners by charging all of his traveling expenses to the company. Additionally, he was able to cash out about $2.5 million throughout different countries once again using fraudulent checks (Bell, 2012).When questions began due to his abundant expenditures, Abagnale quickly disappeared and decided to pose as a pediatrician in Atlanta Georgia. His charisma landed him a spot as a supervising doctor, which meant he never actually had to perform medical procedures. He was known to mask his lack of knowledge with humor (Bell, 2012). One day the life of a child was endangered, as none of his interns knew how to manage a child who was born with blocked...

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