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The Life Of Helen Keller Essay

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Helen Keller is one of the influential women in the history who made a huge difference to the world. Helen developed an incredible system for the deaf and the blind people. She lost her sight and hearing ability when she was at the age of 19 months (MacLeod, 2007). Helen started discovering the world by learning sixty different signs from her maid. When she reached the age of six, a blind governess was appointed to take care of Helen. With the help of the governess, Helen was able to learn various languages (MacLeod, 2007). Helen was also able to learn different skills and techniques to communicate with the world.
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Helen believed peace over war. When she was abroad, Helen always preached the importance of peace.
Helen published a total of 12 books and a few writings. She wrote her autobiography in which she described the survival of her life as a deaf and blind woman (MacLeod, 2007). She also wrote another great work called “The Miracle Worker”, in which, Helen explained how she would help the world to overcome the disabilities (MacLeod, 2007). Helen was one of the most wonderful women in the world who overcame her difficulties and stood as an inspiration to the world. She was a great caretaker of her state and her country. She wanted to change the world into a better place to live in. She strived for equality between all the humans in the world in spite of disabilities.
Helen has made a clear impact on the world that is remembered forever in the history. She encouraged the deaf and the blind to pursue education. She wanted the world to listen to her ideas and beliefs. She encouraged the people to help each other and live a better life. Helen was one such woman who always spoke about the...

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