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Every human being has a unique personality, but for the most part, people tend towards being either extroverts or introverts. Extroverts are outgoing and adventurous, while introverts enjoy spending time alone and are thoughtful. However, America’s culture values extroverts more than introverts instead of valuing the two personalities equally. In schools, students work together and must take part in discussions. In businesses, employees often work in rooms with no privacy and force everyone to talk with others. Although it is not necessarily detrimental to socialize and exchange ideas with others, introverted people live in an uncomfortable environment for a large part of the day. If introverts were able to work comfortably with extroverts, they could form more creative ideas. Since America’s culture values extroverts, it is clear that introverted individuals are often forgotten about. Introverts have many hidden talents that are not always recognized, and instead of valuing extroverts or introverts, American managers and educators should encourage the strengths of both two personality types to work together in order to build a stronger partnership that would encourage creativity in the American economy.
Because today’s culture in America revolves around extroverts, it is normally easy for extroverted people not to face any major social challenges in everyday life. Businesses and schools value extroverts because many successful people are normally outgoing and adventurous. Naturally, people crave success, and many may argue that a successful person is rich, famous, or popular. Americans perceive an extrovert as a person with all “successful” personality traits, and even though people may not realize it, everyone idolizes extroverts. Pat Galagan, who works to promote proper training in workplaces and other public areas, questions the value of introverts compared to extroverts, and she argues that introverts are commonly forgotten about because extroverts have taken over. Galagan claims “Extroversion is the norm in many kinds of leadership training, both as a way to behave in class and as a characteristic of model leaders.” In other words, she insists that in America, extroverts are highly valued as leaders and role models, while introverts are followers, so introverted individuals are not focused on. Extroverts in today’s culture will experience a much different life than introverts. In America, communities and schools are specifically designed to nurture outgoing personalities. Then, in high school and college, students who are extroverts tend to glide through classes that require discussions, presentations, and group projects. When working, presentations are commonly assigned to allow a person to express ideas with other workers at the company or students in the classroom. As extroverts are able to express ideas and opinions openly with others, giving presentations or working with others is no issue.
Introverts can become equally successful...

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