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Throughout the span of Isaac Newton’s life time, he accomplished, dreamed, and achieved what others thought were impossible. He was a curious man, with a passion to learn and discover the undiscovered. Newton uncovered scientific answers that lead the way to influential discoveries in motion and mathematics, optics, and also physics. He was not only an educated physicist and mathematician, but experienced and established in his frame of study. To say Newton was “just a scientist” would be an understatement, “he was one of the great minds of the 17th century Scientific Revolution” (Source 3).
Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England on January 4, 1643. He was born as a ...view middle of the document...

Throughout his first few years at the University, Newton began to realize that he was interested in the advanced studies of science. When he was not studying for classes, Newton thoroughly enjoyed reading about modern day inspiring philosophers. While doing the extra reading during his free time, Newton wrote notes along the way, also known as, “Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae.” The notes revealed his discovery of the newfangled idea of nature that provided the foundation for the Scientific Revolution.
Due to the Great Plague in England at this time, Cambridge University had to shut down. Newton continued to seek out and further his education privately. During the time of seclusive studies, Newton was very successful in his discoveries. Newton laid the brick for his theory of light and color. He uncovered the laws of planetary motion, and even published his Principia in 1687. Most importantly Newton discovered gravity with the falling apple. Newton’s self-studies were fruitful during this period of life. Soon after the plague in England ended, Cambridge opened back up. In 1669, Newton received his Masters of Arts degree, before he was 27. He then took the job title Lucasian Professorship at Cambridge.
Newton worked as a professor and gave knowledgeable lectures about the sciences he was so passionate about. He was able to share with his students the zeal he had for learning, discovering, uncovering answers to the newest scientific questions. Accompanying his professorship, Newton invented the telescope. This profound invention helped him prove and elaborate on is theory of light and color. The reflecting telescope was his first chief municipal scientific achievement in his life time. After he publically modeled and demonstrated the reflecting telescope, Newton was highly encouraged to publish his notes on light and color. They were later published and entitled, “A treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflexions and Colours of Light.”
Robert Hooke, another intelligent philosopher of the 17th century questioned and debated against Newton’s theory of light and color. Both Newton and Hooke participated in years of arguing about...

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