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The Life Of James Brown Famous Songs His Life Before Singing Etc.

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James Brown was born James Joe Brown, Jr. The date of his birth is May 3rd, 1933 in Barnwell, SC. His father's name was Joe Garner Brown he was a black and American Indian. His mother, Susie Behlings Brown was black and asian. James was delivered by his aunts .He was a stillborn baby, his Aunt Minnie did not give up after he was born, she blew into his lungs until he started to cry. Both of James parents were very poor. His father sold tree tar to a turpentine company. They lived in shacks without plumbing or electricity in the woods near Barnwell. His parents split up when he was four. James ended up staying with his father. His father was a hard-working man, and did his best to raise James. He would work on farms or in gas stations when there was no turpentine work and would also make home brew. He eventually got James's Aunt Minnie to stay with them to help out. The three of them decided to move across the Savannah River to Augusta so Joe could find a better job. They moved in with his aunt, Handsome Washington, known as Honey.Honey ran a brothel and sold moonshine. Her grandson, Willie Glenn lived with her. He was a year older than James and they became like brothers. James would steer servicemen to the house, shined shoes, and danced on the street for change. Most of the money he made, he gave to Honey. Around this time, James became interested in music. He learned to play the harmonica, piano, and drums from people he met, and would practice every chance he got. The house was eventually closed down, and he and Aunt Minnie moved into a cottage.One of the friends that he met was Leon Austin. Leon taught him to play the piano with both hands. James started sweeping floors of the Trinity Baptist Church so he could practice on their piano when no one was there. He practiced all types of music, whatever he heard. At the age of eleven, James won first prize singing "So Long" at an amateur night contest he had entered at Lenox Theater, when he was the age of 11. Besides music, James had other hobbies he liked boxing, baseball, and football.When James was fifteen he started to get into trouble. He began stealing and joined a gang. He was caught red handed stealing a car battery by the police, but he didn't stop. James and some friends broke into cars one night and the police came looking for him. When the police found him they arrested him and put him in jail. He had turned sixteen in jail before he was brought to trial, where he was charged with four counts of breaking and entering and larceny from an automobile. He was found guilty and sentenced two to four years for each count consecutively, for a total of eight to sixteen years.James had returned to his music in prison and tried to make the best of it while there. He started a gospel quartet that included Johnny Terry who became a member of the Famous Flames. There was a piano in the gym, and James was eventually allowed to play it earning the nickname "Music Box". It was in jail that he...

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