The Life Of Jeremiah Essay

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The Life of Jeremiah

Jeremiah may be one of the most intriguing and revealing of the Old Testament prophets. With his continual return to god and the constant struggle between his heart and the voice of god. This elevates him as a human being and not just as an instrument of god (Paterson 144). He is one of the most human of prophets mentioned in the Old Testament and at the same time most Christ like in aspects of his sermons and works. His story has intrigued many for it is of human weakness and strength (Paterson 139). Let us now take a look at his life and at his works.
To fully understand the meaning behind his sermons and predictions we must first look at what a prophet is and what he holds true.
The word prophet means to speak by delegated authority (Paterson 3). Prophets speak because they are commanded to by a higher power (Paterson 4). Their beliefs were the beliefs of the living god and to make god visible to their people (Paterson 8). They also believed that "life was unity and every thought and activity had to be brought into subjection to god (Paterson 9)." The prophets also stood for religious integrity (Paterson 10).
With this understanding of what a prophet is we can now take a look at his life.
Jeremiah was born in Anathon a small village six miles from Jerusalem. He was born to a priestly family whose origins have been traced back to Moses. Jeremiah was heir to many spiritual heritages and riches. "He was steeped in the finest Hebrew piety and nourished on its sacred traditions (Paterson 141)."
Jeremiah began his prophecy during the reign of Josiah. During this time there was much prosperity and political independence. He was very concerned with the social injustices and felt that worship had been put second to a life of attentiveness and righteousness. Jeremiah often compared Israel to an unfaithful wife.
Jeremiah was one of the few who challenged the orthodoxy of Zionist theology. With his Temple sermon he condemned the people for being immoral and because of this nothing could save them not even the temple that was so sacred to them. Another reason was that the temple was held as superstition. Almost as a certain security because theology...

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