The Life Of Joan Of Arc

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The Life of Joan of Arc Even though Joan of Arc was a woman, she still to this day is “the
most respected and famous fighting woman in European History ” (quotes
one author). Joan fought for what she believed in, and in the end
justice was served. She fought on the battlefield with all of her
courage and might, and she died with her pride and honor for what she
believed in. While Joan of arc was a very admirable woman, she was
also born during a battle, was called upon from saints, fought to
defend her country and people, and therefore was punished and killed
for her decisions.

Monica Bourg

Ms. Ambrose

English IV H

October 1, 2005

Maid Of Orléans

As the great Napoleon Bonaparte once said, ‘“There are only two forces
in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will
always be conquered by the spirit,”’("Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes"). No
matter how tough the battle, and how dangerous the weapons may be, if
ones spirit is kept alive they can succeed in anything. One source
comments that “An extremely strong, healthy, and possibly clairvoyant
girl was born to Jacques and Ysabeau D’arc, in the small village of
Domrémy, France; her name being Jeanne D’arc,” (“Joan of Arc” gale
group). In the time that Joan was born, a battle was dwelling, a
battle called the Hundred Years War, the war was named this because it
lasted over a hundred years. She was one of five children: Jacques,
Catherine, Jean, Joan, and Pierre. Their wealth came from their
farming, their breading of livestock, spinning wool and tow, and
kneading their own bread. “Joan is admired by patriots, women's rights
activists, paranormal investigators, and playwrights,” sources say.
Although she was born during a battle, she claimed she was called upon
by saints.

This woman is commonly known as Saint Joan of Arc. Historians believe
that she was born on January 6, 1412 and died May 30,1431 at the age
of 19. “Joan is a French national heroin and a saint of the Roman
Catholic Church”(“Joan Of Arc” Encyclopedia Britanica). She rescued
France from defeat during the "Hundred Years War" against England. In
honor of her victory she is often called the Maid of Orleans. An
internet article states, “When Joan was 13 she began to see visions
and hear voices who she later determined to be Saints Catherine,
Margaret, and Michael”(“Joan of Arc” gale group). Joan claimed that
they told her that she was chosen by God to help the dauphin, Charles
VII free France and take his seat in the throne. “At the age of 17 in
1429, she gained access to the King through the military commander in
Vaucoulaurs” states one...

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