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The L Ife Of Lawrence Essay

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It all began on October 3, 1903, when Lawrence Exeter Jr. was born. His parents had loved him so much that they had never given him any type discipline. So, when he started kindergarten at the age of six, it was nothing but trouble. About a year later, he got his first bike. He had soon started riding his bike around the halls, and threw a tantrum and started swearing whenever someone told him to stop. When he was almost twelve, Jr. got shipped off to military school for all of the trouble he had caused throughout the years. When he graduated at the age of eighteen, his parents bought him a red Cadillac for his wonderful behavior at military school, but only a few days later, he crashed it, while talking to his best friend, Tony Spagoni. Only a month after the crash Jr. went off to college. After graduating Stanford University, his parents took him on a trip to Paris, France as a gift. In August 1926, Sr. gave Jr. some money to build a house. Soon after the house was finished, Jr. hired a decorator, Phoebe Buff, an old friend from college. She decorated the house like a huge theater, which had started his obsession with plays. After having taken a few months of acting classes, Jr. auditioned to be a part of an acting group Phoebe Buff told him about. One day during rehearsal, there was a flood and it ruined all of the costumes and props. It didn’t end up mattering one but because Jr. had more than enough money to replace all of the damaged items, including wedding rings, wedding dresses, and bridesmaids dresses, tuxes, shoes, and lots and lots of flowers. After having practiced their play for quite some time, the group decided to rent out a huge wedding hall to make their play, A Wedding Tale, seem more realistic. Jr. and Phoebe had the lead roles, but they got to keep their real names during the play. They performed amazingly, and made it seem exactly like a real wedding. They signed the...

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2074 words - 8 pages was destroyed through years of slavery, constant relocation, and poor treatment that never seemed to end. Works Cited "Pre-Civil War African-American Slavery." Library of Congress. 2005. Web. December 3rd 2013. Blassingame, John. The Slave Community. United States: Oxford University Press, 1972. Print. October 31st 2013. Equiano, Olaudah. "Early Life in Africa." International Slavery Museum. 1798. Web. December 8th 2013. Hill, Lawrence

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