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The Life Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci
Alexander Sotak
Columbia Southern University

The life of Leonardo Da Vinci was a magical one. The legend of King Arthur often speaks of Merlin, an old wizard that appears out of nowhere to aid, advise, and inspire the King and his court. The wizard goes on and mystifies the people through beautiful sorcery. He then vanishes after he has changed the world around him profoundly.
I liken Leonardo Da Vinci to this mythical wizard. Leonardo was a handsome man with a charismatic charm and a keen ability to manifest his ideas. Leonardo was a jack of all trades and a master of nearly all of them!
He was once a goldsmith, sculptor, an inventor, a draughtsman, a mathematician, a musician, a scientist and yes, to many he was even a wizard! Did you know that Leonardo was also an extremely gifted and accomplished poet? There wasn’t much that he wasn’t successful at. (Müntz, 2010, P. 7).
Today we will take a glimpse at the life of a world treasure. The life of Leonardo Di Vinci began very simply. He had a humble beginning, yet he blossomed and grew to heights many men have never seen. Leonardo was born on April 15, 1452 in a village called Anchiano, which is very close to the main town of Vinci, Italy. He was born during the time of the Renaissance.
Leonardo was the illegitimate child of a lawyer, his name was Ser Piero and his mother was a young peasant girl named Caterina (Whiting, 1992, P. 13). San Piero was only about twenty-one years old when Leonardo was born. (Müntz, 2010, P. 8). His country was divided and each state quarreled regularly with each other. Wealthy aristocrats also quarreled often with their neighbors for lands, titles and borders which furthered unrest in the region. (Whiting, 1992, P. 13).
Leonardo did not have a formal education but that did not stop him from learning. He devoted himself to trying new things and after he practiced, he found he mastered many of them. He was always challenging himself. He began his first apprenticeship in gold-smithing, but he soon wanted a change of pace and pursued a more artistic means of escape. (Charles, 2007, P. 154).
By the age of fourteen, he was living with his birth father. Unfortunately, in Leonardo’s early teens, Caterina left their family to run off with a peasant man. San Piero then married a teenager who was only slightly older than Leonardo was. Despite the trouble, his father tried to provide Leonardo with the best mentors to satisfy his sons exploding curiosity and talent. (Whiting, 1992, P. 15).
Leonardo’s father was able to secure a painting apprentice for him when he was just seventeen. Andrea Verrocchio then accepted and apprenticed Leonardo. Andrea Verrocchio was the finest painter and sculptor of the day and Leonardo was a valued assistant. The apprenticeship proved to be most fortuitous to Leonardo. This is primarily because Verrocchio was also well versed in geometry, anatomy, and even perspective. Perspective became...

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