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Maria Sklodowska who would eventually become Marie Curie, was one of the most brilliant physicists of her time. Maria was born on November 7th, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Her father Władysław and her mother Bronsitwa had four other children, Zofia, Bronisława, Józef and Helena. Her mother was employed as a headmistress at a private school, and her father was a math and physics professor at local college in Poland. Her father was one of the reasons why Maria became interested in the study of physics. Maria began her love for science when she was young, she would learn from her father. Maria found physics interesting, and wanted to grow up and be like her father. When Maria was ten her oldest sister Zofia died of typhus. Sadly when Maria was twelve her mother past away as well, but from tuberculosis. Maria graduated high school when she was fifteen with highest honors then began privately tutoring children in Poland. Once Maria graduated she knew she loved physics and mathematics so much that she would continue her studies in Paris. When Maria was twenty-four she moved to Paris to study at Sorbonne. She went to Sorbonne in hopes of getting a teachers diploma for mathematics and physics, so that she could return to Poland and teach like her father. When Maria started at Sorbonne a Professor Józef Kowalski-Wierusz overheard that Maria needed extra laboratory space and so he introduced Maria to a brilliant Professor named Pierre Curie. Professor Józef Kowalski-Wierusz thought that Pierre would have a room for her since he was an instructor at the School of Physics and Chemistry. Although space was limited in the Laboratory Pierre found Marie space to work. From there a budding romance began between Pierre and Maria over their love of science. As time went on Pierre and Marie began to get closer, and when Pierre asked Marie to marry him she said no. This was because she still had intensions of going back to her homeland of Poland. Pierre told Marie that he would move to Poland with her and give up what he had in Paris so he could be with her. Marie found this proposal touching but told Pierre this would not be...

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2316 words - 10 pages After doing some research over Marie and Pierre Curie I was able to put together this paper. This paper contains information about the life of Pierre and Marie Curie and their significance to physics and science in general. Pierre and Marie Curie are best known for their pioneering work in the study of radioactivity. The couple’s work led to their discovery of the elements radium and polonium (Dick). Pierre Curie was born on May 15

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1516 words - 6 pages brick where I am being kept. I hope someone will find it and prove how hard I tried to be a good queen. One day, people will see what a good person I was. Goodbye, my people. Adieu.MarieWorks CitedFlaherty, Thomas, ed. Time Frame AD 1700-1800 Winds of Revolution. New Jersey: Time-Life,1990.Fraser, Antonia. Marie Antoinette The Journey. New York: Doubleday, 2001.Marie Antoinette Online. 200-2004. 25 April 2006 Antoinette Queen of France. 23 January 2006. 25 April 2006http://www.lucidcafe.come/library/95nov/antoinette.html#recourcesSpano, Susan. "HER WORLD; Versailles: icing on this queen's cake." Los Angeles, Times16 April 2006. :NP

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