The Life Of Mark Wahlberg Essay

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27 February 2014
The Life Of Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg is one of the most impressive men in the world. Starting as a fresh faced teen into a well formed acting career. Most recently, Mark is known for branching out in many different fields, such as an actor, singer, and male model. However, Mark’s life hasn’t always been easy. The purpose of this paper is to share with you the journey of Mark Wahlberg, a child living in poverty on the Streets of Boston, to a man with a multi-million dollar paycheck.
Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg was born on June 5th, 1971 in Dorchester Boston in the poor class part of town. Born into a large family, he was the youngest of nine children. With such a big family, and only a low income to support them, the Wahlberg’s spent their childhood growing up in a tiny three bedroom apartment, all having very little privacy. Mark’s mother Alma was a bank clerk and nurse’s aide, while his father Donald was a delivery man. Unfortunately, when Mark was only eleven his parents divorced. By the time Mark was fourteen, he had dropped out of highschool and began to pursue a life of crime and drugs .“Not only was he doing drugs, but also dealing them. He’d spent his days scamming and stealing, working on the odd drug deal before treating himself to the substances.” (Peterson 1) Once Mark was fifteen he forced a group of African American children on a terrifying journey by throwing rocks at them, while yelling ethnic slurs. This did cause the children injury. When Mark was sixteen,he got drunk on PCP, and robbed a Pharmacy. In this process, with his fists, he hammered a Vietnamese man unconscious, and left another Vietnamese man with a horrid black eye and also struck a security guard. For these barbaric crimes, Mark was charged for attempted murder, where he pled guilty and was sentenced to two years behind bars at Boston’s Deer Island Of Correction. He only served forty five days. His last assertion with crime was when he was twenty one, when he punched his neighbor in the jaw in an unfair fight. After Mark had served all his time, he motivated himself to leave his dirty life of crime behind him, and to venture forward with a clean slate. Once he was reunited with his family, his older brother Donnie had recently joined a singing group called “New Kids On The Block.” With his record behind him, he began his life into fame, thanks to Donnie, for starting Mark into his singing group. (Jones12)
Mark was only with “New Kids on the block for a short time, their common boyband music wasn’t a right fit for him. In 1990, not long after he quite Donnie’s band, he established his own group called “Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch.” Donnie was with Mark every step of the way, offering advice, helping produce his music, and even writing songs for his production. “Everything that I do, I always talk to my brother about, and the same with him. With him and me, it’s cool.” Mark told YM. While...

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