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The Life Of Mass Murderer, Henry Lee Lucas

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The Life of Mass Murderer, Henry Lee Lucas

"Henry Lee Lucas enjoyed holding the title of 'the most infamous man on death row.' His fleeting fame did not evolve from the three cold-blooded murders he did commit, but from hundreds of murders he did not." (Bonnie Bobit) He confessed to hundreds of murders to prove several points, as well as to delay his death sentence. Lucas lived through a childhood of abuse and neglect. If there is a case that proves a person's childhood is reflected in their later actions this could certainly be one. He was never taught that life had any value and perhaps this led him into a life of crime. (killer index)

Henry Lee Lucas was born on August 23, 1936, in Blacksburg Virginia. Lucas's mother was an abusive prostitute who forced both her disabled husband and son Henry to watch her performance of sexual acts on strangers. Henry's father was missing both his legs from a accident; he sold pencils on a street corner to earn an income for their family and to feed his alcoholism. Henry came from a large family of eight brothers and sisters, they all lived in a two-room dirt floor cottage. (Killer index)

As well as being forced to watch his mother's sexual acts, Henry's mother severely beat him. Henry and one of his brothers were carrying on one day and Henry's eye was stabbed out. It was days before someone took Henry to the doctor. He was in excruciating pain for days. (Bonnie Bobit) One time Henry's mother beat him so hard with a wooden stick that he "lay in a semi-conscious state for three days' before he was taken to the doctor. (Serial killer index) Viola, Henry's mother also used to dress him up in a dress, curl his hair and send him off shoeless to school. She beat him once because he came home from school with shoes on that his teacher gave him. Viola said he should not have accepted the gift. (Bonnie Bobit)

Henry became a career criminal at an early age and was in and out of correctional institutions, mostly for burglary. There are a lot of discrepancies to actually when Henry's first murder was or how many that were committed. Perhaps the first was his mother. On January 11, 1960 after a few drinks at a bar, Henry and his mother got into an argument and he staped her to death, he supposedly raped her dead corpse after that. Not only did Henry enjoy necrophile, but bestiality. Henry was sentenced to 40 years in prison, however he only severed 10, and shortly after he was in prison he was transferred to a mental institution. Lucas was diagnosed a suicidal psychopath, sadist, sexual deviant (including necrophilia, and bestiality) Henry and his half-brother, who he was supposedly sleeping with, enjoyed killing animals and having intercourse with them. (House of Horrors)

Two murders that police are almost certain that Lucas did commit were his girlfriend Becky Powell and an elderly lady he was taking care of, Kate Rich. Becky was only seven years old when her and Lucas a young adult, started dating. A...

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