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The Life Of Matthew Essay

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Matthew who was also named Levi was a tax collector. It is uncertain if Jesus gave him the name Matthew or if he changed it himself. His name Mathew is the shortened version of Mattathias meaning, “the gift of God”. He was a 1st-century Galilean. He supposed to be born in Galilee, which was not part of Judea or the Roman Judaea province. He was the son of Alpheus. His occupation before encountering a life changing moment with the Lord was being a tax collector. He collected the taxes of the Hebrew people for Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee. His tax office was located in Capernaum. As a tax collector it is assumed that Matthew was literate in Aramaic and Greek language.
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We clearly see those traits in the Gospel of Matthew; he captured the smallest of details. As stated in the Matthew 9:10, it was disreputable, offensive, and outrageous for the Son of God to chose a tax collector such as Matthew, who were very much hated by the Jews, to become one of his disciples. After all, there were many “upright” and “holy” men such as the Pharisees and Sadducees who Jesus could have easily picked.
The life of Matthew made a drastic U-turn after Jesus called him to become one of His disciples. I think that the first key event in Matthew’s life was the call of Jesus Christ. We see in the Book of Matthew that he did not hesitate neither did he look back at the wealth he had when the Lord called him. As I stated above, tax collectors were wealthy and had a guaranteed income due to their corrupt ways of hustling money on the side for their own well-being. We see this pattern in almost all of the disciples. They left their secure, wealthy lives to follow a “man” they did not know and to live a life a poor life full of uncertainty.
Matthew obviously served the Lord Jesus as one of His twelve disciples. His trait of being a keen observer and accurate record keeper certainly does not go unseen in the Book of Matthew. He wrote a very detailed account of the life of Jesus from the time of His birth, the messages He preached to the many things Jesus did in this Gospel. The strengths of Matthew, other than his record keeping, he also knew the heart of the Jewish due to his resume. His discipline made him a loyal and committed follower of Jesus. We never see him wavering from the service of the Lord.
The only weakness we see in the Scriptures is his greediness of money. The fact that he was using deception to gather way more money...

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