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Egotist, misogynist, perfectionist, and seeker of power are all the words that describe Napoleon Bonaparte. He started about as low as someone could get and through military genius, determination, and deception he rose to one of the highest positions in Europe. His rise to power was almost as entertaining as his fall from it.
Nubullione Buonoparte was born in a small cathedral in Corsica, Italy. His mother, Letizia, was attending mass on August 15th, 1769, when she went into labor. Corsica was a small island off the coast of Italy. The island was recently purchased by the French which only fueled the Buonopartes’ detest for the French. Nubullione’s parents were rebels against the recent French occupancy. He could see his brave mother as a fighter but his father Carlo was a different matter. His suspicions were proven correct when Carlo Buonoparte took a job with the French rulers of the island. This would turn around to be an advantage for the unmannered boy. Early in life, Nubullione knew he wanted to be a soldier although he had assumed it would be for Italy. He often drew battle plans in the dirt and conversed with the French soldiers on the island. Carlo Buonoparte saw the military promise in the boy and, when he had reached nine years of age, sent him and his brother Joseph to France’s military school, d’autun. He excelled, especially at math and military strategy although his social skills were lacking. The native French students of the academy made fun of Nubullione’s rough French and neglected manners. When he threw one of his famous tantrums they called him the Corsican savage. To drown out the abuse, he threw himself into his studies. He also held war games at recess to prove he deserved to be at the prestigious school. After six years of studying strategy, Buonoparte was admitted to the Ecole Militaire, a high ranking European school. Even at sixteen, he was appalled at the way the students were pampered, having nothing to harden them into military men. He spent all his time in his room devoted to his books, while his well off classmates drank, romanced and gambled. After four months, Buonoparte was give awful news. His father had perished from stomach cancer. Letizia Bonaparte had to take Nubullione’s siblings put of school due to lack of funds, but insisted he alone stay so he might become a success. Wanting to make his mother proud, he rushed through his schooling in one year instead of the usual three. In October 1785, when he was sixteen Nubullione received his post as second lieutenant with the artillery regiment at the south of France. This post was perfect in his opinion because rank does not depend on social standing.
By July 1789, word was spreading of a French revolution against the monarchy. While the war went on in France, Buonoparte was back on his original island home, Corsica. But this was no reminiscent visit. Buonoparte was there in hope to gain support for the new French republic. The islanders accused...

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