The Life Of Osama Bin Laden

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THE LIFE OF OSAMA BIN LADEN He has been called, "the most wanted man in the world". He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans. He is the leader of a new breed of terrorists. His name is Osama Bin Laden and he is on a mission to destroy the existence of the western world. But who really is Osama Bin Laden? What are his passionate purposes and beliefs that are the basis of his destruction? Perhaps no one will ever fully understand Bin Laden, but one thing is for sure, he is the epitome of fear, anger, and sadness worldwide and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his goal. Even if he is put to justice his image will forever last as a reminder to the world that terrorism will never die. Osama's upbringing probably wouldn't lead anyone to believe that he would grow up to be a terrorist. He was born in 1957 in Ridyah, Saudi Arabia to a Syrian mother and Yeman father, Mohammed Awad Bin Laden. Osama is the only child of his father's unification with a Palestinian woman. His mother was the tenth and least favorite wife of his father's. Mohammed's conservative family did not like Osama's mother very much because they felt she was "far ahead of her time." For instance, "she refused to wear a burka over her Chanel suits when she traveled abroad" (The New Yorker). A friend of Osama's family was said to have stated that Osama was an outsider because of the difference of backgrounds between his mother and father. His mother was considered an outsider as well because she was neither Saudi nor Yemeni, but Syrian. Bin Laden's father owned the biggest construction company of Saudi Arabia. Although his father was born poor, he became wealthy when he produced a few impressive construction projects. He not only built a prevailing business, but he also established a close relationship with the Royal family.As a child, Bin Laden's household was religiously strict and enforced social code. However, the children also had fun by going to picnics and trips. Mohammed made sure that he taught his children to be responsible and independent. He saw to it that his sons handled several projects independently. In 1969, Osama's father (along with his American pilot) died in a helicopter crash, and Osama, at the age of thirteen, inherited eighty million dollars. At the age of 17, Osama wed a Syrian relative. Though Osama Bin Laden is said to have studied management and economics in Jeddah, in his late teens and early 20s he was better known as a partygoer in Beirut. "A barber who saw him often in the early nineteen-seventies has told the Mideast Mirror that in Beirut's flashy night clubs and bars his client was known as a free-spending, fun-loving young man-"a heavy drinker who often ended up embroiled in shouting matches and fistfights with other young men over an attractive night-club dancer or barmaid." (The New Yorker).It is reported that religion was always an important part of Osama's life. When he began his studies at the University in Jeddah, his...

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