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The Life Of Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Percy Bysshe Shelley began life in Horsham, Sussex, England as the oldest child out of seven children. Shelley faced much hardship throughout his life for his controversial views and philosophies. Percy's life however got better after he married Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, his second wife, as they were intellectually equal and both wrote.
Percy was born August 4th, 1792 in a small village of Broadbridge Heath, there he learned to fish and hunt in the meadows with his good friend and Cousin Thomas Medwin. He was the oldest of seven children of which belonged to Thomas Shelley and Elizabeth Pilfold. At the age of just ten Percy left Broadbridge Heath to go to Syon House Academy then two years later he attended Eton College. He eventually started having issues with Eton College. He was being severely bullied mentally and physically by his classmates. After a while his escape from the pain was his imagination. After a year he had already published two stories and two books of poetry.
Starting of fall in 1810 Percy went to University College, Oxford. While he was there he was caught with a pamphlet he wrote which contained views of atheism and was expelled for it. Not only was Percy atheistic, he was also a vegetarian, and had strong beliefs of political radicalism and sexual freedom. His parents weren’t on agreeable terms with his views and demanded him to change it.
August of 1811, he became interested in a 16 year old named Harriet Westbrook who his parents told him he could not see. He rebelled because his love was centered on only the hope he had to keep her from committing suicide. They dated for a while, but then Percy grew annoyed with her. Now, his interest was on a schoolteacher who inspired his first major poem called Queen Mab, her name was Elizabeth Hitchener. Later in 1812 he met his hero, a radical political philosopher by the name of William Godwin.
Although Harriet and Percy had troubles throughout the relationship they had two children together. The first child was a girl and was born June, 1813. Before Harriet could give birth to their second child, Percy left and immediately had interest in another young woman who was the daughter of William Godwin. Her name was Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin; she was an intelligent feminist author. Sadly her father did not approve of the two dating and he showed his disapproval greatly by not speaking to Mary for a long time, but that didn’t stop them from dating.
Three years later, Percy and Mary traveled to Paris and invited Jane, who was Mary’s sister. All of them toured France, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland. After returning home, Mary was pregnant and so was his wife Harriet. When Harriet found out Mary was pregnant it pushed her over the edge, she filed for divorce and sued him for alimony and custody of their two children. Soon after the birth of Harriet’s second child, Mary gave birth to a girl. A few weeks later, the infant died. In addition, Mary gave birth to another child...

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