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The Life Of Queen Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth the first, born on September 7, 1533, is the most different and intriguing monarch in the English history (Dunn). Elizabeth is known as the Virgin Queen all of her reign. She used that image to keep out of marriage, prevent war and become one of the most beloved monarchs of the people. This image helped her also fend off Mary Queen of Scots claim to the throne. Between her vivacious and often volatile personality she led her kingdom well up until the day she died on March 24, 1603 (Alchin). The kingdom went into genuine morning for their queen of The People who had made herself loved by all of her subjects.
Elizabeth is the daughter of Anne Boleyn and King Henry the 8th. She was declared a bastard in 1537 when her father finally had a male child. After this no one believed that she would ever inherit the throne of England. Elizabeth was very damaged by the fact that her father kept beheading his wives. One of her step-mothers Catherine Howard, who was her mother’s cousin, was kind to her and it deeply affected her that another person she loved was beheaded (Weir Pg. 13). Many people believe that this is one of the main reasons that Elizabeth never wanted to marry. The institution itself was deeply flawed to her reasoning. I would be the same way if every time my father married he got to chop the woman’s head off because he was bored with her.
Elizabeth lived most of her life, till she reached the age of twenty-five, in exile and one of the places she lived was Hatfield. It was in this places that Elizabeth waited for Queen Mary to kick the bucket and give the throne over to her. Even then Elizabeth still didn’t think she would ever inherit up to this point. A few years ago she had been thrown in the Tower of London awaiting to be executed for supposedly attempting to overthrow the Queen and take control. After about a year of waiting to die she was freed and cleared of all charges (Weir). It was quite an unexpected out come. She even praises god for “Pulling me from the prison to the palace” (Weir Pg. 17).
Before Elizabeth became queen of England she dressed very somberly and like the conservative religious reformers that her brother was a part of. Her very pious attitude and somber dress was the only thing that saved her reputation from the callous people who tried to disparage her, and make her unfit for anything except a house of ill repute; but that all changed when she became queen. The last time she wore such clothes was the day they came and told her that her sister, Queen Mary, was dead and she was now ruler of England. Elizabeth was definitely a trend setter of the day. She made the ornate and very extravagant clothes she wore the style. The women copied her when they could afford to, and the men did everything to draw attention to themselves. It was said that Queen Elizabeth owned over 3,000 dresses and never wore the same one twice. To Elizabeth the clothes she wore was a great way to project the image of...

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