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The Life Of Queen Mary I Tudor

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Within ten days, King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour are officially married. However, Jane does not receive a coronation procession, but in place of her procession, a grand parade is thrown from Greenwich to Westminster. Since Jane precedes the throne, Mary and Elizabeth both become Henry’s bastard children through the Act of Succession. Before Jane became the new Queen of England, she served the dowager princess, Katherine of Aragon. When Katherine was still queen, Mary had found close companionship with Jane, for Jane was her mother’s lady-in-waiting. Mary and Jane proceeded to have this kind of relationship with one another while Jane serves the previous queen ...view middle of the document...

Although Mary did have a troubled life while Anne was alive, she does not wish Anne dead. However, both Jane and Mary willingly forgive and forget what has been done to the young woman. Although Mary has caused her father great grief from his previous marriage, her only goal is to regain her father’s full affection. Both Jane and Cromwell work endlessly to help her. Jane tries to find a way that allows Mary to regain her position without upsetting the king. She lets Mary sit near the table during feasts and she is granted permission to walk beside the king and queen and not behind. However, Jane is not able to restore Mary’s title to princess. However, Mary knows she may never fully gain her position as princess. On the other hand, Cromwell helps Lady Mary compose a letter of submission for her father:
“Most humbly prostrate before the feet of your most excellent majesty, your most humble, so faithful and obedient subject, who has so extremely offended your most gracious highness that my heavy and fearful heart dare not presume to call you father, deserving of nothing from your majesty…knowing your excellent learning, virtue, wisdom and knowledge, put my soul under your direction, and by the same have and will in all things henceforth direct my conscience, so I wholly commit my body to your mercy and fatherly pity; desiring no state, no condition, nor no manner or degree of living but such as your grace shall appoint unto me; knowing and confessing that my state cannot be so vile as either the extremity of justice would appoint to me, or as my offences have required and deserved. And whatsoever your grace, shall command me to do, touching any of these points, either for things past, present or to come, I shall gladly do the same as your majesty can command me. Your Grace's most humble and obedient daughter and handmaid, Mary (Primary Sources)”
In her letter, she admits the illegitimacy of her parents’ divorce, her own illegitimacy, and she recognizes her father as Supreme Head of the Church of England. She confides in Cromwell telling him she hopes she does not have to anymore than sending such a humiliating letter to Henry. Mary will let her father take her submission in any way that he pleases. Knowing Mary has refused to write this letter since the divorce of Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, Henry forgives his daughter and receives her with open arms. However, Mary will secretly think her parents’ marriage was legitimate; she is still the princess of Wales, and that only the Roman Emperor will be the Supreme Head of Christendom (Erickson 163). She will continually be outwardly obedient to her king, but Lady Mary will always be inwardly defiant to her father. Nonetheless, Mary is granted full privileges. Henry declares Mary his heir if his queen cannot conceive a male heir. Even though the Henry VIII announces this, Mary future is still clouded, for she is female and her status at court is clouded. Mary believes...

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