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The Life Of Saint Francis Essay

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St. Francis grew up very wealthy. His family had a lot of money and basically did anything they wanted to. His father was a wealthy cloth merchant and owned a farmland in Assisi. Francis was spoiled as a child. He left school at the age of 14 and was known to be very rebellious and would often break city rules. A little later in Francis’ life he fought in a battle and was imprisoned for almost a year and starting hearing God’s call to him. After he got out of prison he was very ill and had many mental and physical scars. But he continued to hear God’s call which was to repair the Church and live a life of poverty. One day when Francis was riding his horse he saw a leper. Usually he would just pass and mind his own business but this time he felt the need to help. He hugged and kissed the leper and this seemed to be the turning point in Francis’ life. He took on God’s call and abandoned his wealthy life. He then devoted his life to Christianity. St. Francis had to get money some way so he stole some cloth and a horse from his father. He father started noticing his son’s crimes and his father took him to the local bishop. The bishop told Francis he had to return everything he took and what Francis did was amazing. Francis took the clothes off his back and passed them to his father, along with giving him the money he had. This showed his father that God was Francis’ father now. This was the final conversion for Francis. After that he and his father never spoke again. The bishop handed Francis some old rough clothes and then Francis left Assisi. Francis went out and started preaching to different villages. Francis started getting concerned that the Church was paying more attention to money and not the teachings of the Bible so he started preaching in ways everyone could understand. He...

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