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In Shaka Zulu, otherwise known as Shaka kaSenzangkhona or King Shaka,was a very militaristic king and was known for his peerless leadership.
Shaka was born in 1787 and was the child of Nandi, a daughter of Bhebhe, the past leader of a rival tribe, and Senzangakhona kaJama, who was a Zulu chieftain. Due to complications, Shaka ended up spending his early childhood in his mothers settlements. When he was still young, Shaka was in the armed forces under the command of Dingiswayo and Mthewate. Shaka showed his courage and ability consistently under their command. When Shaka’s father died, his brother turn the crown for himself. Of course, Shaka believed that he should be the chieftain of the Zulus and with the air of Dingiswayo he had his brother assassinated. Then Shaka assumed the crown.
The Zulus way of fighting was typically very defensive by nature. After Dingiswayo was killed by Zwide, a powerful chief of the Ndwandwe clan, Shaka felt the need to get ...view middle of the document...

He also sent another part of the troop to go around and stand on the river until he said to attack, which they then attacked the rear. In total the Zulu had 2,000 casualties and the Ndwandwe, which was again lead by Zwide, has 7,500.
Another fight took place on the Mhlatuze river. In this two day long fight, the Zulu got another win. Shaka then ordered another reserve to the royal kraal, an enclosure for cattle and other domestic animals in south africa, of Zwide. They then destroyed it, but to Shaka’s disappointment, Zwide and some followers escaped before being captured by chieftainess Mjanji or the bePedi clan. Zwide died soon after due to unknown circumstances. Shaka then ordered his forces to continue north and conquer more land and get slaves.
While all of this was happening, his two half brothers, Dingane and Mhlangana, were attempting to assassinate Shaka. He was making unreasonable laws including:
any pregnant women and her husband were to be killed
no milk was to be used
no crops were to be planted
no marrying
He did lots of things that were borderline crazy , including slaughter cows so that the calf knew what it felt like to lose a mother, and in modern times most believe he would have some sort of mental condition. This was most likely due to him losing his mother at a relatively young age. In sometime in 1828, most of the Zulu warriors had been sent to go on another takeover spree. This left the royal Zulu kraal without much protection. His half brothers and an advisor, Mbopa, went in to finally assassinate Shaka. Mbopa made a distraction while his brothers did the actual killing. They dumped his corpse somewhere where it wouldn’t be found, and it worked. We still don't know where the corpse is to this day but there is a monument in Stranger, South Africa. Dingane then took the power and ruled the Zulu empire for another 12 years.
While he may of been crazy, he socially and militarily revolutionized the Zulu, South Africa, and contraversially the world. He changed the weapons, the mobility of the arm, created new tactics for attack formations, and many other things. He did great things for the Zulus and if he hadn't have killed his brother, I don’t think the Zulu empire would’’ve flourished as it i

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