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When we think of terrorist, we might think of radical Islamic individuals or groups who would take pride in killing anyone who is not Muslim. Even more, there are antagonistically people who want nothing more but to destroy the lives of innocence people because of their belief system. Take an individual like Theodore Kaczynski for instance; he was a former University of California at Berkeley math professor. Otherwise known as the “Unabomber,” he was indeed a terrorist because he used explosives that killed three people and wounded eighteen others in a span of almost two decades. Even more, his brother David Kaczynski was responsible for his capture.
Looking back on Ted Kaczynski life, one have to wonder when did his behavior changes. How did he form a lack of self-control? When did he become a loner? Ted Kaczynski was born in Chicago on May 22, 1942. Although his life was quite unusual, but his behavior had to begin early on when he was young, judging by the sign of his anti-social behavior. “Ted Kaczynski insists that the Kaczynski home was an unhappy one and that his social isolation came about because his parents pushed him too hard academically” (Chase, 2000). In spite of this, his parents knew he was quite different from other kids and much smarter too, so focusing only on his education; they probable overlook the deeper problem of him adjusting to older kids, of which he had nothing in common. Therefore, there could be a good reason why Ted isolated himself from everyone.
When Ted Kaczynski attended college, he went to one of top schools in the nation, which was Harvard. Moreover, it was and still is to this day one most elite school in America. To add to this, Ted never had any signs of mental health problems while he attended Harvard. “There, from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962, Harvard psychologists, led by Henry A. Murray, conducted a disturbing and what would now be seen as ethically indefensible experiment on twenty-two undergraduates” (Chase, 2000). Ted Kaczynski defense team of lawyers was unsuccessful in proving these experiments even exist and that he did participation in the experiments. Whatever happened to him during these experiments might explain why he had become so objectively against science and technology.
So often, we try to understand the reasons why people do unimaginable crimes. To answer this question truthfully mean there might be a good possibility their experience in the past could be the consequences of their behavior. In addition, one might wonder why Ted Kaczynski quit teaching as a professor of mathematics to live a primitive lifestyle. Again, there is a possibility his experience in the past may confirm why. According to chase, “Murray subjected his unwitting students, including Kaczynski, to intensive interrogation-what Murray himself called "vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive" attacks, assaulting his subjects' egos and most-cherished ideals and beliefs.” Unfortunately, the...

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