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The Life Of The Brain Essay

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The human brain is a vital part of life; however, many people do not understand the significance of this complex organ. The human brain is like other parts of the body. It grows, gets stronger, weakens and dies. The brain goes through stages throughout life, and there are certain exercises people can perform to keep their brains healthy and active. The brain grows and gets stronger in its first couple of decades, then starts to deteriorate and can get diseases. People should learn the tasks they can perform early in their life to help decrease the chances of having an unhealthy brain, and tasks to make an unhealthy brain healthier.
The first few years of life are significant for a child’s ...view middle of the document...

“Teenagers are more at the mercy of their feelings” (Partridge 69). Even though the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed, some parts of the teenage brain are developed. Rob DeSalle and Ian Tattersall stated, “This is because, as the brain develops through the teen stage, the parietal and the temporal lobes and all of the associated structures are the first part of the cortex to mature, which means that sensory, auditory, and language centers are fully developed relatively early” (DeSalle and Tattersall 252).
In the teenage brain, the levels of the hormone, melatonin, vary. The level increases late in the day and decreases early in the morning. This means that while adults are becoming tired later in the day, teenagers are finally becoming focused and awake; and when adults are awake earlier in the day, teenagers are sleepy and tired. This poor circadian rhythm, explains why teenagers always seem to be sleepy at the wrong times. The short amounts of sleep that teenagers receive have an impact on the brain. In the third stage of sleep, the brain records all of the information it learned throughout the previous day. Teenagers that get only six to seven hours of sleep, wake up during the third stage of sleep. The recording of information is interrupted, and teenagers lose the information. Getting a good amount of sleep is crucial for teenagers to retain more knowledge.
At around the age of twenty, the brain’s memory and problem solving skills increase, but the speed starts to decrease. At the age of twenty-eight, the brain’s reasoning ability reaches its highest point then decreases. The size of the brain decreases after people reach the age of thirty. The volume of the prefrontal cortex becomes smaller in some brains. Myelin, a fatty insulation Hazelton 3 that surrounds the neurons, reaches its highest point in the late twenties. Myelin controls the electrical signals that are sent to the brain, so a decrease means that there is a slower face to name connection (Begley 1).
Many people believe that people are born with the maximum number of brain cells that die off over time. This is a concept that has been proven wrong. The way the older brain works differs from the younger brain. The older brain sends some of its tissues to different parts of the brain. The storing of knowledge may still remain strong in the later years, but the speed decreases. Older people adapt to having a slower brain by performing tasks more efficiently. Older people approach tasks differently and can keep up with the younger brain. Most of the time, the older brain will perform a task better than the younger brain, but the older brain is slower. A study on comparing the younger brain and the older brain showed that the older brains will rewire themselves to make up for what they lost (Schrof 2).
Researchers are not sure of the age when memory starts to decline, but they know that there is no normal loss that affects a person before the age of sixty....

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