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Walt was running around frantically from one attraction to another. Everything that could have gone wrong did. The restrooms were backed up, the parking lot was overflowing. Nothing in Tomorrow Land was operating, TV microphones were dying. The opening day of Disneyland had been a disaster! Afterward, Walt always referred to July 17 1955, as Black Sunday. But he didn’t let that stop him! Walt continued to work hard. His creativity, confidence, and loving nature turned him into one of the most successful men in entertainment.
Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 5 1901. After the birth of his younger sister, Ruth, Walt’s father, Elias, moved the family of seven to Marceline, Missouri to live a quieter life (Greene 7). The family owned a 45-acre farm where Elias, and Walt’s brothers, Herbert and Raymond worked from morning until night, until they left home in 1908 (Greene 11). Two years later, Elias became sick with Typhoid fever, followed by pneumonia (Greene 11). When he was finally well again, Walt’s mother, Flora, decided he was no longer fit to run the farm. The family moved farther west to Kansas City where Walt and his older brother Roy worked a two thousand customer newspaper route (Greene 13). Walt hated working and was easily bored with school. He often pulled practical jokes on his classmates and performed in amateur-night contests at local theaters with his best friend, Walt Pfeiffer (Greene 17). Walt continued to live in Kansas City until World War I when he joined the Red Cross and was moved to France for a year (Greene 30).
When Walt returned home he began working two jobs. The first was illustrating cartoon shorts that lasted about six minutes each for Kansas City Film Ad Company (Greene 33). After work, Walt worked on improving the way cartoons were made. He worked with a small staff, which he thought of as family, creating what he called “Newman Laugh-O-Grams,” which were played to the public in Newman Theaters for no profit (Greene 35). He fell into debt and eventually declared bankruptcy (Greene 41). Walt decided to leave Kansas City and move to Hollywood for a better shot at his dream of making cartoons. He teamed up with Roy, who handled the financial side of the business, which Walt did not enjoy. The two brothers rented a small apartment together and opened a little studio in Hollywood where Walt met his future wife, Lillian Bounds. They married in 1925. Walt created a new character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which was later stolen from him, along with his crew, by his distributor, Charlie Mintz (Greene 4). So, in an attempt to get back on his feet, Walt created Mickey Mouse with the help of his good friend, Ub Iwerks. Soon after, in 1928, Walt became intrigued by the thought of adding sound to his cartoons. He created a new cartoon called Silly Symphonies, to showcase his use of noise (Greene 60). In 1929, Walt’s distributor, Pat Powers attempted to buy Mickey Mouse (Greene 54). When Walt...

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