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The Life Of Winston Churhill Essay

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The electorate after the Second World War was not fond of Winston Churchill. His wartime speech during 1940 impressed Keegan. Churchill imagined and knew the history of his country and the people. These people are patriots, loyal, and courageous. Churchill was also straightforward when noting the hardships that are in store for his people. He had little education, though he did go to Royal Military School. Not only was he interested in his own views, his writing reflects the historical process of his country. His countries’ successes transmit throughout the world. Winston Churchill was born into a Victorian society in 1874 and he remained an outcast for the remainder of his career. There are separate influences on his life: his mother, Mrs. Everest, and his father. His father was an esteemed Victorian politician and Mrs. Everest took care of Churchill throughout his childhood. His father attempted to put him into 60th Rifles but ended up with the Fourth Hussars with the help of his mother. Cuba became his first introduction to war and then he became a full–fledged soldier. His first action was in India and then he replaced an officer of the 21st Lancers in Egypt. A dispute between the British government and the Boers of South Africa erupted into a war. Winston became a prisoner and escaped by surviving several train inspections undetected. His escape made him famous. Churchill then took seat in the House of Commons in February 1901. He wanted to focus on the Royal Navy, in case a European war occurred. He also “crossed the floor” to the Liberal party, which is leaving another party to join another. The workingman remained close to his heart. He supported shorter working hours, medical care, and general unemployment benefits. Leading up to the First World War, Churchill became attentive in...

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