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The famous writer and artist Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was born on July 24, 1900, and is one of the six children of Anthony Dickinson and Minnie Machen Sayre. Zelda Fitzgerald married Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and had one child. Zelda was the youngest child, and recieved her name from a novel her mother owned. During her childhood, she was known as a "wild child," because she did exactly as she pleased.Zelda met her husband, the infamous writer of "The Star Spangled Banner," Frances Scott Fitzgerald, after dating many men around her county. They were engaged for awhile then broke that engagement in July 1919 because Scott had no money to support Zelda. It was in 1920 when Scott's novel, "This Side of Paradise," made him famous. Because of this, they married that same year on April 3rd. Their only daughter, named after her father, Frances Scott Fitzgerald, was a born in 1921, a year after they were married. Even though Scott's book brought them fame and fortune, the fortune was quickly gone due to their excessive spending habits. After their daughter was born, the family moved to France and became friends with the famous writer Ernest Hemingway.By 1924, Scott was working on his next book, "The Great Gatsby." In France, Zelda met a French man by the name of Edouard Jozan. To her, everything he had was what she wanted. Zelda had an affair with him, and it was never confirmed wether or not she had sexual relations with him. Her husband was outraged when he heard about the affair, and challenged Jozan to a duel, which ended up never happening because Jozan got transferred for military reasons. During this time period of about a month, Scott kept Zelda locked up in their villa. By the time she had gotten out, she found out Jozan had been transferred and left her only a photo and a letter in French, which she ended up tearing up both. After all of these events is when Zelda started going mad. Probably the most major escapade prior to her breakdown happened in 1927 when her and her husband were out dining with some friends, and she threw herself down a set of stairs. She didn't suffer any injuries except for making her knees bleed.As time passed, and Zelda's madness increased, Zelda became more jealous of the women that were around Scott. It got to the point where at one time, when she was on a train, she threw her engagement...

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