The Life Of Amazing Opera Singers

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The Life of amazing Opera Singers

Opera originated in Italy in the early 1500’s. It gained popularity in the Baroque period when people began experimenting new and different sounds with their voices. Opera is very dramatic work and you must have a really great voice to be considered as an Opera singer. Operas are usually performed in Opera houses and are accompanied by different instruments/ orchestra. It started off in Italy and soon became used all over the world. In the 1800s, Italian Opera soon began to take over all of Europe. The most known Opera singer is Mozart, who is most known for the comic operas. The soprano voice is the voice typically used as the choice for the female of the opera since the 18th century. Earlier, it was common for parts to be sung by any female soprano voice.The tenor voice, from the Classical era, has been assigned the role of male.

Beverly Sill was an American Opera singer born May 25, 1929. She was born with the name Belle Silverman in Brooklyn, New York. Her career started to rise in the 1950’s when she made her first debut with a touring company, who was produced by Jacob Schubert. While under contract with Schubert, she sang under the name ‘Vicki Lynn’ because she did not want Schubert to think he made her. In 1966, Sills performed as Cleopatra in the opera Giulio Cesare, which made her a huge opera

star. Her high profile career landed her on the cover of Time in 1971 as America’s Queen of Opera. Sills announced her retirement in a gala at the New York City Opera in 1978. After finally retiring in 1980, she soon became the manager at the New York City Opera. HOn June 28, 2007 she was hospitalized from lung cancer and she spent her last days in the hospital. Finally, cancer took her life July 2, 2007 at the age of 78. Her voice was described as rich and it was praised worldwide. During her years, she was nominated for three Grammy nominations and won the Music of Victor Herbert award in 1976. She was nominated for five Emmy award nominations and won both the profile in music in 1975 and the lifestyle award in 1978. During her years she recorded nine aria solo albums, she starred in eight different operas that was televised through PBS, and soon after her retirement became a host for many PBS telecasts. Her voice landed her the title as the ‘American Queen of Opera’ and it even landed Sills her own 90- minute documentary on her life as an Opera singer which includes interviews and many performances. Yes, she was just that great!

Kathleen Battle born August 13, 1948 is known for her light voice and pure tone. She was born in Portsmouth, Ohio where she quickly became recognized for her work through orchestras. She made her first opera debut in 1975 as a lyric soprano. On the stage as an Opera singer she performed mainly Mozart and Rossini operas. In the year 2000, she put on an all Schubert performance, which was a huge success. In April 16, 2008 she sang The Lord’s Prayer for Pope XVI for his visit to...

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