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Birth & Early LifeHer father, Albert Chanel, was a ‘nomadic market trader’ who enjoyed travelling to where ever he felt like.In 1881 he found accommodation in Courpiere, France and soon began to have an interest in Jeanne Devolle, the younger sister of his landlord.In 1882 Albert wanted to travel again and left the area leaving behind Jeanne who was nineteen years old and by now pregnant. Jeanne eventually tracked Albert down in Aubenas and gave birth to Julia (Gabrielle Chanel’s older sister.)Albert would not marry Jeanne, but she stayed with him and they were soon on the move again, this time to Saumur. It was here that on the 19th of August 1883 that Gabrielle Chanel was born. She was christened by the hospital Chaplain. Gabrielle’s parents finally married in July 1884, and continued their travelling life. By now there were more children. After many years of bad health (because of asthma) her mother became very ill in 1895 and died at the age of thirty three leaving Albert with five children, who he abandoned to different relatives.The nickname Coco was attained at La Rotonde Cafe. It was there that Gabrielle, then a kind of ‘restaurant singer’, performed a song called "Qui qu'a vu Coco," and the name stuck.Education & Preparation for ReputationUntil she was seventeen, Gabrielle was educated at an orphanage run by nuns at Aubazine and she spent another two years at another school at Moulins in France.During her years at the school Gabrielle became very talented at sewing.During her school holidays she would sew with her Aunt Julia, who had a passion for making hats which soon rubbed off on Gabrielle.(Gabrielle first shop was a hat shop).When she was twenty She worked as an assistant in a shop selling wedding outfits, baby wear and everyday clothing for young girls and ladies.Mentors & ClientsGabrielle Chanel was first a mistress of a wealthy military officer and then of an English factory owner.She used the resources of these wealthy men in setting up a millinery shop in Paris in 1910, then expanding to Deauville and Biarritz (France). The two men also helped her find customers among the women of the public, and her simple hats became popular. The Wertheimers continue to control the perfume company today.(Karl Lagerfeld has been head designer of Chanel's fashion house since 1983.)Relationships, Opportunities & TravelsGabrielle always wanted to remain independent so she never married.She had a relationship with her business partner Pierre Wertheiner in 1924.On a trip to Monte Carlo in the autumn of 1925 Gabrielle was introduced to the Duke of Westminster, and he immediately fell in love with her.But she was not so easily persuaded. She did not want to give up her independence and move to England. The Duke persuaded Chanel to come to England and live with him for a while.But, like all Chanel’s relationships, it didn’t last long.By 1929 their relationship was over and the Duke was already...

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Coco Chanel Essay

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1964 words - 8 pages designing hats, but she would soon be known for so much more (Charles-Roux 91). Because of Chanel’s new bold ideas, the women’s fashion industry has forever been changed (Charles-Roux 6). The famous French designer Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, more commonly known as Coco Chanel, was born in Saumur France on August 19, 1883 (“Coco Chanel” Britannica par. 1). Chanel is known for not claiming any of her family, or anyone she had relations with before

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