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The Life And Works Of William Shakespeare

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Harris 6Albrenda HarrisProfessor Pangikas-MillerWorld Literature10/09/2014Textual ResearchThe Life and Works of William ShakespeareChildhood, Education, and MarriageWilliam Shakespeare was born in a market town one hundred miles northwest of London, by the name of Stratford-upon-Avon on April twenty-second or twenty- third, in the year fifteen sixty-four. After his third to fourth day of life he was baptized in his hometown on the twenty sixth of April, fifteen sixty-four. Although, there is no positive evidence on the subject, the Stratford parish registers attest that he was baptized on April, twenty six. "The poet William's, the first son and third child of John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, birthday is generally accepted on April twenty third, which mainly appears on the ground as the day of his death (Lee p. 8). His father, John Shakespeare, indulged in a bit of farming, wood trading, tanning, leatherwork, and money lending from time to time. He also held a series of authoritative positions before plunging into deficit in the late fifteen eighties. John decided to endorse himself with a social status by marrying William's mother, Mary, who was the daughter of a noble landowner. Their marriage took place at Ashton Cantlowe, the parish church of Wilmcote, in the autumn of fifteen fifty-seven (Lee p. 7). As stated above, William was the third of eight Shakespeare children, in which three died at infancy. Although, no records of Will's education remain in this day and age, it's likely that he studied Latin grammar and classics. He, along with three other brothers was entitled to a free tuition at the grammar school of Stratford, which was reestablished on a mediaeval foundation by Edward IV (Lee p.12). In November, fifteen eighty-two, William married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years older than he was at the time. It was believed that the ceremony took place due to the pregnancy of Hathaway. "Within six months- in May fifteen eighty-three- a daughter was born to the poet, and was baptized in the name of Susanna at Stratford parish church on the twenty sixth (Lee p. 21). The twins, Judith and Hamnet followed in birth, two years later in February, fifteen eighty-five. In eighteen ninety-six, William's only son, Hamnet died at age eleven.Lost Years and an Early CareerIt was believed that William Shakespeare branched off from his family to pursue his writing and theater career in London. Between the winter of fifteen eighty-five and the autumn of fifteen ninety-six- an interval which synchronizes with his first literacy triumphs- there is only on shadowy mention of his name in Stratford records (Lee dpp. 24). Shakespeare disappeared from the historical records between fifteen eight five and fifteen ninety two. His lost years fell between when his twins' baptism was recorded and his denouncement in a pamphlet by the playwright, Robert Greene. The denouncement in their source of media made it evident that Shakespeare had already made a name for himself...

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