The Lifestyles Of Louis Xvi And Marie Anttoinette

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Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were the leaders of France during the French Revolution in the years 1774-1792. However, they were definitely not known for their great leadership skills. Their Majesties Louis and Marie were best known for having the most scandals among any couple in royal history, which was mostly on Marie's behalf. Whether it was the Queen's exquisite wardrobe that she never wore twice, her wild and extravagant parties that went on all night and three times a week, or Marie's not-so-secret affairs with different lovers, the Queen of France made sure that her and her country were always getting the attention. They are known as the most scandalous and disliked monarchs in history because of their lavish spending and little interest in their people and improving their country.
Louis XVI and Marie were not always disliked, however. When they were first married and crowed as monarchs, they were greatly admired by the public for being young. The citizens of France saw that their youth represented a new hope for France. However, they quickly changed their minds. Louis was never a good leader; it just wasn't in his personality. Whatever money Marie didn't find ways to spend, Louis would use on France's army and not on the country itself. Louis was shy and didn't want to be involved with the overwhelming social gatherings like his wife participated in. Marie was known as a scandalous party queen and social butterfly with a bubbly personality. She wasn't afraid to do anything. Marie and Louis were almost polar opposites to each other, so they didn't spend much time together.
Before she was married, in her home country of Austria, Marie Antoinette was more of a tomboy. She wore very plain dresses and didn't care a lot about her appearance. But all of that changed when she moved to France. Marie had a very distinctive taste in wide, puffy dresses with equally giant hair. She set the trend of having large, powdered hair or the powdered pouf. At the time, to get your hair done, you would sit in a chair and a barber would blow a white dust all over your head. The rich would decorate their hair with ostrich feathers, metals and expensive jewels. Some hair was known to stand up to three feet tall and was held up by wires and stuffed with wool to make it look bigger. It was typical for rich women to form hair in the shape of an object. For one of her parties, the queen formed her hair in the shape of a ship. In Marie's case, when it came to hair and dresses, bigger was always better. Marie owned over 300 dresses in her life time and she refused to wear the same dress twice. But as her closet grew, France...

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