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"The Light In The Forest" Is A Historical Fiction, Written By Conrad Richter. Book Report

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The Light in the Forest
"The Light in the Forest" is a historical fiction, written by Conrad Richter. The story takes place in the Indian village of Tuscarawas, Ohio in the 18th century, around the same time as the American Revolutionary War. The story is about a white boy who was taken captive at a young age from Pennsylvania by Lenni Lenape Indians.

After he was kidnapped at the age of four, John Butler became assimilated with the tribe and was renamed True Son. The story begins when True Son is a 15-year-old boy, living with the Indian. He is extremely loyal and faithful throughout the book to his adoptive tribe. True son loved his Indian family, and would sacrifice anything to stay with them. He is extremely close with his cousin Half Arrow, they're almost like brothers.
After living with the Indians for 11 years, as a result of a peace treaty between the Indians and the British, True Son is told he must return to his white birth family in Pennsylvania. His is delivered to...

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