The Lights Go Down And All Three Bands Exit The

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The lights go down and all three bands exit the stage. Kid Rock, Run DMC and Aerosmith have just finished performing the most widely embraced song in rock history, "Walk This Way." The cheers are deafening at the Mars Music Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach. Fans are chanting Steven! Steven! Steven! Venue security pulls 2 fans off the stage front. The lights flash on and the concert is officially over. Disappointed fans, hoping for another encore stomp their way towards the exits. Who says endangered species go extinct? Steven Tyler would be a prime example that they don't. Three decades after Aerosmith's inception, they are still touring the world and continue to make women swoon.A reason for their continued success? A strong argument could be made that, while the band draws on inspiration from the constantly evolving music scene, they don't lose sight of what is essential and timeless in great rock & roll. "The blues are our fuckin' roots," Steven Tyler frankly remarked. "A lot of other bands dress up like I used to dress, but there's no fuckin' middle to what they play. No soul. There's no main vein running down the middle of it." Fronted by the 54 year old, spandex wearing, big lipped singing sensation Tyler, whose singing style is a powerful wailing voice, Aerosmith is currently in Florida where we caught up with them in the middle of their 2002 US Tour. They've had their ups and downs over the years from severe substance abuse problems, but what rock stars haven't? Tyler started his singing career at a Presbyterian church in the Bronx, where, for 6 years, he sang in the choir. After numerous unsuccessful bands, he stumbled upon Joe Perry at his summer home in New Hampshire. The two of them began recruiting band members. Shortly thereafter, they met Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer. Formed in 1970, the band moved to Boston. In 1972, they were signed to Colombia Records. In 1973, they released their self-titled debut. They were quickly flying high as one of America's greatest bands. But substance abuse began taking over. Their lifestyles began to take their toll and the band decided to take a break. A few years later, they decided to try again, but couldn't produce hits like they had in previous years. In 1986, Aerosmith teamed up with Run DMC to make an updated version of the band's "Walk This Way," and their career was instantly revived. In the 90's, post-rehab, Aerosmith staged one of the biggest comebacks in Rock N' Roll...

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