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The Limited Inc. Diagnostic Strategic Essay

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Case Study : The Limited Inc

Limited Brands Overview

Founded in 1963 by Leslie H. Wexner, Limited Brands, Inc. is a specialty retail business in the U.S.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio

Sells women's intimate apparel, personal care and beauty products, and women's and men's apparel

3 segments:

Victoria's Secret (women's intimate and other apparel, beauty products, and accessories through retail stores, catalogue, and e-commerce)

Bath & Body Works (personal, care, beauty, and home fragrance products)


Express stores, which offer women's and men's apparel, sportswear, and accessories

Limited stores, a mall-based specialty store retailer of sportswear for women

Key facts (1990)

Sector: Services

Industry: Apparel Stores

Full Time Employees: 18,000 (1989)

3,911 Stores (1990)

Net sales 1991 $8.934M

Operating income $963M


1963 The Limited opens its first store in Kingsdale Mall in Columbus, Ohio

1969 The Limited's first public stock offering is issued over-the-counter. 47,600 shares are offered at $7.25 per share

1982 Victoria's Secret store and catalogue are purchased for $1 million.

1985 One Henri Bendel store is acquired for $10M

1988 25 Abercrombie & Fitch stores and one catalogue are acquired for $46 million

1990 Bath & Body Works opens first store in Boston.

Goals & Objectives

Aggressively sort our portfolio and financially restructure our business through spins, splits, sell-offs, and store closings

With obtained cash from above actions, continue building our brand recognition

Our principle goal - increase shareholders value through a family of the world's best fashion brands

Vision Statement

Build a "family of the world's best fashion brands" (Book, 2004)

To build a Company of powerful and differentiated retail brands that maintain and strengthen our position

What are the four company values?

Doing What is Right
for associates, customers and investors

Being Inclusive
in our thoughts and behaviors

Working for the Greater Good
of the enterprise and the communities in which we operate

Pursuing Excellence
in all we do

External Opportunities and Threats


Current 31M of people ages 12-19 is expected to increase to a record 34M by 2010

Teens ages 12-19 spent approx. $200B in 2002 with 1/3 of this spending in fashion

Female baby boomers needs are not fully satisfied by retailers and manufacturers of women's apparel

General e-commerce sales were up 25% in...

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