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The Link Between Teaching, Learning, And Behaviour

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In my opinion, pupil’s behaviour relates to the way they see their school. For example, if the school is modern and refreshing, generally pupils will respect the school and the people in it. In contrast, a school that is run down and old, pupils may think this is a reason to abuse the school and the not care much for it.

The school on my first placement (BP1) was built in the 60’s but has had recent modifications and new buildings built which have replaced some of the older ones, inside the classrooms they were well kept, walls were painted, classrooms had children’s work displayed and the school had sections outside where flowers grew and were maintained. The overall behaviour of this school was good and I was aware that these pupils respected their school.

Whilst doing research on my second placement (BP2) on the internet I found out that the school was around the same age and had around the same amount of pupils so I assumed it would be the same kind of school. On my first week there it was clear that the school has not changed or adapted since it was built. The quads were overgrown with benches that were rotten, classrooms have asbestos in the walls so displayed work was limited to certain areas and some classrooms were shut off completely due to leaks in the roof. The overall behaviour in this school is as good as the last school I spoke about, but there have been instances since I have been there where pupils have smashed windows on a number of occasions and run riot at break times. As well as this there is also a litter problem which the school are trying to tackle. This suggests to me that the pupils have no respect for the school that they are in and think they can misbehave.

BP2 is having a new school built that will be built in four years time,

Develop learning autonomy
Make learning accessible
Skills based curriculum
School and wider community access to learning opportunities
Creative and innovative strategies approach to the curriculum.
Develop a healthier school and wider community
BP2. DQI. [PowerPoint Presentation]

With the school vision in mind for the new school I believe that the behaviour of pupils will be a lot better as they will be in an environment where they will want to learn and pupils will understand why certain policies are in place, for example graffiti etc

Pupils who spend time in the “house”
“To build a successful system of personalised learning, we must begin by acknowledging that giving every single child the chance to achieve their full potential, whatever their talent or background, is not the betrayal of excellence, it is the fulfilment of it. Personalised learning means high quality teaching that is responsive to the different ways students achieve their best.”(Personalised Learning resource)
At my BP2 school, they have a facility called “The House” and it is exactly that. Following a change to the Nottinghamshire Children's First Policy agenda, no statementing ...

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