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The Link Between Time, Money, And Morality

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Money has mould, transformed and created a society where monetary security has triumphed over the essential concept of time and human morality, this correlating relationship has been highlighted in the paper, Psychological Science: Time, money and morality. Freud reinforces this point as ““…money questions will be treated by cultured people in the same manner as sexual matters, with the same inconsistency, prudishness and hypocrisy.” (Richard Trachtman 1998, The paper successfully demonstrates the influence of irrational financial and monetary responsibility instilled onto human ethics and the concept of time through the multiple ...view middle of the document...

The control employed within the experiments, such as having a neutral prime allowed the experimenters to increase the accurarcy of the expriements as it displayed what neutral human emotions are like, without the prime of money and time. Thus “If time is indeed more reflective of the self than is money” (Mogilner & Aaker, 2009; Reed, Aquino, & Levy, 2007) it would reinforce the hypothesis presented within this social experiment.

Time, Money and morality were operationally defined by Gino and Mogilner through their careful control on the variable.

The experiment had variables which yielded results to displaying a convincing link between time, money and human ethicality. However, this experiment could have been improved within various fields for a more appropriate operational definition and a more realistic result. The experiments methodology could be expanded into a more quantitative research methods thus yielding a wider range of results to ensure the collection of more comprehensive research data for reinforce the link more solidly. As “Quantitative descriptive studies have as their goal a comprehensive summary of events” (Magrette S, 2000), thus it will provide a larger batch of results over a wider population with increased accuracy to display or reject the link between time, money and morality. Quantitative research methodology which could be implemented into data collection would be questionnaires or online surveys which are easy to accomplish and attractive for the participants. These surveys and questionnaires could provide a more appropriate operational definition as it could allow for quantifiable and statistical data which could be accumulated from people from all ages thus allowing for a more complex and varied results to display the relationship between time, money and morality. However, this methodology would encounter difficulties to operationally define the link as most people would succumb to social desirability

However the studies would run their limitations of its practicality within the real world due to the experiment participants being all university students and lecturers. Thus it would only demonstrate the mentality and results of a certain age group which “lead to the unfortunate conclusion that what can be observed reliably is socially meaningless and...

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