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The Links Between Education And Child Labor

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As Indian economist and Nobel laureate Sen Amartya has pointed out, “…the freedom to go to school is being decreased not only by the weakness in their school systems, but also by the fact that the children (and their parents) do not have a choice” (Bark 33). This quote points out how many children are being affected by family situations which forced them to work and unable to attend school. When the family is suffering from poverty, children and their parents do not have any choice except allowing their children to work and contribute to the family’s income. Child labor and education has a complex relationship, however education can help reduce the number of children in labor and it will help lift many people out of poverty.
Child labor is a problem that needed much attention from due to the fact that many young children are being forced to be working. In Peru, the proportion of child working is 16% for those between six and eleven years old (Salazar 157). Children in rural areas are starting to work for their families at a very young age. It is approximated more than three million children from rural areas are working in Peru (Hobbs 189). Many families in Peru are experiencing hardship due to poverty, it helps if their children can work and contribute their earnings to increase their family’s income. In Lima, child labor makes up about ten percent of poor families’ income (Hobbs 189). Millions of children in Peru are employed in many different occupations but most of them are employed in mining and agriculture industry. In Peru, 48% and 40% appropriately of children from poor rural families are working in agriculture (Salazar 157). Peru is a large exporter of minerals and metals (copper) in the world that develops many jobs opportunities which leads to child labor in the formal settings (Bark 10). Peru is the largest manufacturer of gold in Latin America which influence on both the country’s economy as well as the Peruvian people (Bark 23). Majority of child labor are working in gold mining industry (Hobbs 189). Young children those who work in the mining industry have the ability to squeeze through narrow tunnels where adults can’t easily fit (Epstein 20). The mining condition is dangerous for children (Hobbs 189). Many young workers are likely to inhaled toxic mercury used to extract gold when working in the mining industry (Epstein 20). In Peru, many young girls are more devoted to household jobs than boys (Salazar 159). They are employed as domestic servants (Hobbs 189). The number of males working exceeded females in children’s working population (Salazar 159).
It is obviously that child labor is one of an obstacle that enables many Peruvian children to not attend school. In Peru, work has become a natural part of many children and is more valuable than education (Salazar 159). Many children those working on a full-time basis are less likely to attend school due to tight working schedules (Salazar 159). Work affects school attendance...

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