The Lion King Vs Cinderella Essay

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The Lion King, and Cinderella are classic Disney movies that at first have glance are completely different, but actually have a very similar plot. The Lion King is about a lion named Simba who leaves his home, The Pride Lands, at a young age, has numerous adventures, and for much of the movie lives a “no worry” free life. Cinderella on the other hand, is about a girl named Cinderella who is locked up at her home and lives a seemingly boring life until the end of the movie. However, these two movies are much more similar than most realize. For instance, both Simba and Cinderella had their lives seemingly ruined by someone who is supposed to have their best interest in mind. Secondly, ...view middle of the document...

Therefore Simba and Cinderella are similar because they both loose their fathers and another person steps in and takes over, taking the life that belongs to them.
While Scar is king of The Pride Lands the land begins to die, everything becomes dark and depressing, and there is no happiness found anywhere. Though Simba does not live unhappy, he is not what he was supposed to be, which was the one to inherit and become king of The Pride Lands. He spends the majority of the movie wondering who he is and searching for his purpose in life. Rafiki, a wise old baboon that has lived in the Pride Lands, and was an advisor to Mufasa when he was king and even Scar as he is king; one evening picks up the scent of Simba in the air and determines that Simba is still alive. Rafiki sets out on a search to find Simba to try to bring him back to The Pride Lands. In the last portion of the movie Simba is actually convinced to come back and fight for the sake of The Pride Lands. Cinderella’s story is a little different, but the viewer still spends most of the movie watching her do the opposite of what her father had intended for her to do in life. For the majority of the movie Cinderella lives as a maid always having to stay at home and not allowed to do fun things, such as gong to a ball that the Prince was going to be attending. Cinderella was not living a very adventurous life but did have a fairy godmother. Towards the end of the movie, the night of the ball, Cinderella’s fairy godmother uses her magic wand and makes Cinderella a beautiful dress and a Coach that could get her to the ball. Cinderella had to leave the ball by the time the clock struck twelve because the spell would be broken and she had to make it back to the house before her wicked stepmother and stepsister’s. Even though Simba and Cinderella lived different during this stage of their life they both were suffering from emotional burden because they did not have everything they could have had.
Another way in which The Lion King and Cinderella are similar are that both antagonist have assistance. In The Lion King,...

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